Project 2-CUBEextent-Irakliy K. (Ivan)

This little, keychain, easy to use cube has got the hours of fun tactile feedback- like that of a click pen. Mechanical with a digital display, it is self charging. You can utilise the ease of measure from 8 scales and units. It is fun just to see the numbers change as you drag it along any surface- that being walls curves or your friends! It has a clicker option that can be turned off, when it is on- it clicks at increments of the scale that you have selected. The extra long display gives you a chance to use it with huge distances- it gives you a range of miles and kilometers! Or it gives you an extra precise measurement of up to a thousand’s. Its simplicity and addictiveness is equally fun for anyone from an Architect to a High School Student.

“Measure distances, heights and your friends!”

“A very new way to cut down on your gear when you are out, looking for a specific measurement…”

“…the hours of fun tactile feedback…”

“…it gives you a range miles and miles!”

“…gives you an extra precise measurement…”

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  1.   Irakliy Kontselidze Says:“tikk-tikk-tekk”-the-special-sound-of-measure/

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