Project Two – Final Toy Proposal – Braden Mangione

March 14, 2010

Alter Ego The Alter Ego line of collectibles is a series of helmets which come in many different colour schemes, fully customizable to represent your superhero self. The concept behind the Alter Ego is the idea of having a superhero identity that may or may not be used, but can be displayed with every-day goods […]

PS Tennis Greg and Jesse

March 13, 2010

Project three:Bailey Henderson

March 13, 2010

Activate Concept: Packaging Design The photo is hard to read, this is what it says: 1. Joe enters a space.  He realizes that the space appears to be an isle of a convenience store; however all of the packages on the shelves are blank.  Joe finds the space strange. 2. Joe discovers that there is […]

Project 2: Bailey Henderson

March 12, 2010

  Crazy Bugz are a collectible series of bug figurines, featuring intense colour and bizarre forms.   Each figure has adjustable and positionable parts, making them great for interactive play.   The vibrant and intense, crazy, metallic colours, along with the bizarre appearance of the toy will provide a unique viewing experience for the user. […]

Project 2: Testing Day Pictures!

March 10, 2010

Check out the pictures taken during our prototype testing! Click Here!

Project Two: Christine Chow

March 8, 2010

 One of my ideas are a rotating apple shape with a colour grid that you would match up, the colours would be blue and its different shades in the same row like a rubiks cube idea. Its fun because you get the interaction of rotating the apple and trying to match up all the colours […]

Project Three: User Scenario Storyboards

March 8, 2010

In the second stage, you will each develop one experience for presentation to the class. This presentation will take the form of a user scenario storyboard: a graphical narrative of the experience through the senses of one or more specific persona(s). “In a sense, scenarios are prototypes built of words. Scenarios are, at their heart, […]

Project Three: Activate!

March 8, 2010

Click here to download Project Three: Activate!

Project 2

March 7, 2010