Project 2: Bailey Henderson

  Crazy Bugz are a collectible series of bug figurines,

featuring intense colour and bizarre forms.

  Each figure has adjustable and positionable parts,

making them great for interactive play.

  The vibrant and intense, crazy, metallic colours, along

with the bizarre appearance of the toy will provide a

unique viewing experience for the user.

  These adjustable and visual aspects of the toy will

ensure that it is very fun. The toy is well designed,

and very  well crafted and painted, which ensures

a rich visual quality and enjoyment.

  Crazy Bugz figurines are exciting and cool. They are

a good idea because a stylish, visually exciting and

stimulating bug figure had yet to be invented for an

adult audience. Nothing else is like them.

  Crazy Bugz can be enjoyed for hours on end, by anyone

who appreciates visually appealing and quality designed

toys, that are unique.