Project 2: Metal Heads Finger Puppets

Metal Head Finger Puppets are for the metalhead in everyone. Instead of head banging to your favourite heavy metal songs, you can put the Metal Head on your finger and head bang away, without the head rush!

The death metal finger puppet character is based from traditional Swedish death metal bands and is made out of thick stuffed cotton and screen printed with the Swedish death metal make-up.  There is an elastic at the bottom so when head bang the puppet doesn’t fly away and the hair is made from fabric similar to heavy pillow tassels that make windmill head banging a breeze!

Users found the toy very fun, addicting, and comedic. An idea for further advancement would be to have a collection of famous rockstars so the consumer could buy their favourite rocker, for example Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), James Hetfield (Metallica), Satyricon, etc.

One Response to “Project 2: Metal Heads Finger Puppets”

  1.   Braden Mangione Says:

    When you make the entire Dethklok and Immortal line-ups I want to buy them. Three times.