Project 2 : Proposal

The collection of qUirKy fLieR plush toys provides a variety of everyday objects and odd characters that normally do not fly, creating a surprising, ironic and humorous situation when seen flying across a room.

qUirKy fLieR is environmentally conscious and sustainable toy, as it is made from recycled and reused fabrics, which also gives our toys a strong contrast of textures, patterns from the different materials used.

Challenge yourself to see how far you can shoot your qUirKy fLieR. It is attached with an industrial strength elastic that can be stretched back freely without the fear of breaking.  Properly done you could get it about 20 feet across the room, easy to read and understand instructions are provided for the first few tries.

qUirKy fLieR is not just great for it’s flying skills, it also makes a great cuddling partner with its soft plush material.  It makes for a funny sight and conversation piece as well…

…who wouldn’t laugh at Flying Poo sitting in your living room?

Ok, maybe not everyone, but a tone of people enjoy ironic and sarcastic humor, and that is who qUirKy fLieR caters too.  Take the hipster persona for example, he/she whose aim is to stay away from mainstream and express their different, unique styles would definitely appreciate the odd and ironic statement a qUirKy fLieR toy makes.  An artsy fartsypersona would enjoy the arts and crafts aspect of everyday objects being made into plush toys, and the use of different fabrics.  And finally, just about everyone would appreciate qUirKy fLieR’s sustainable practice of using recycled materials.