Project 2: Table-Top-Tether-Ball. Spencer Bryant-Longo

Taking it back to a simpler time when kids would play for hours in the playground around the tether ball post, table-top-tether-ball brings a fun outdoor game into your home! set up is a breeze, just find a smooth table top surface to attach the suction cup base of the post to and stick and play! constructed of a large rubber suction cup, a wooden post string and a rubber ball the toy is of a simpler design, the fun comes from a players competitive nature. both single and multi-player capable the name of the game is don’t let the ball rap all the way up on the post unless its your hit. Only 18 inches total in height the post can un-screw from the suction cup base for ease of transport to fit in any common backpack. Because of its simple design the game is easily played and can be fun for both children and adults alike. As a result of the few parts and use of existing technology the development of this into a production toy would not be expensive and could create great profits for those interested in pursuing such an opportunity.