Project 3 Activate: Due for Monday March 29 8:30am

Build Team:

Bring in a list of materials/equipment that are cheap recyclable, environmentally friendly or reclaimed (suggestions), budget, cost of materials, examples(physical materials), must have knowledge of working with material, things to keep in mind: sound quality, ease of construction, costs

Promo Team:

Please bring in two sketch models from each group member of box design, some time in class to decide which building materials are best, keep in mind: idea of box is guideline other forms are appropriate

Documentation Team:

Please bring video equipment (film and photography) to document theĀ  duration of Monday’s class, be prepared to take written notes and provide summary of that class

Tech Team:

Please bring in working model of technology, (computer and speakers, microphone, camera, video), camouflage not necessary for Monday but should be thought out for final design

Persona Team:

Please bring to class two developed personas for each group member, and be prepared to act it out, remember to keep audience engaged and attracted to “box”

Please complete the work that you are currently affiliated with.

If you have any questions or comments please post them to this blog entry with your name included.

Hope you are as excited about the Activate project as we are!

See you Monday!

Coordinators: Kirsten, Matt, Spencer