Project 3: Activate-K

1.Set up green screen and TV

2.Users set in position

3.Messenger sends non-verbal message to the actor. Actor receives message from non-verbal communication

4.Actor reacts to the messengers communication and acts with the image on the green screen.

This active activity is called IMPROVE, basically there are two people involved. The set up is a television and a green screen. Where one person is facing the TV and the screen while the other person cannot see the TV but is in front of the screen. The first person is the messeger, this person’s goal is to send a non-verbal message to the other person in front of the green screen to connect the improved scenario background. The other person is the actor who can talk and move but cannot see the TV screen, so he/she cannot understand what is shown in the green screen. Basically the point is to make the random background fit in with the actors’ movement. As an example a vacation screen which can involve the actor to dance in a Hawaiian ceremony.