Project 3 Activate: Rui, Felix, Christine, Spencer, Sean. (Personality Box)

Attraction: As the participant nears the booth a hidden camera shows the participant on a screen in another room separate from the room of the interaction. there is a speaker and a microphone concealed within the box. Then a member of our group from the observation room uses another microphone to speak through the speaker inside of the box hollering out some sort of generic greeting to start a conversation.

Entry: The interaction begins when the participant realizes that it is they whom the box is speaking to and responds to the box beginning the conversation.

Engagement: The box then asks the participant questions in hopes of stirring up conversation, observations, actions, reactions orĀ  opinions of the participant allowing the participant to respond to the box as if it were a person.

Exit: The box then politely ends the conversation and the participant moves on to the rest of the activate program.

Extension: The film footage that was recorded from the live video feed is then viewed and then edited into a video highlighting some of the more interesting or informative aspects of the interaction.