Project 3: Bailey, Sarah, Ivan, Iva, K.

Information Scroll Experience

1. Rob enters a space. He sees a video of street scenes, which is being projected onto a scrolling canvas. He notices that there is also music playing. Rob is curious and comes closer. He notices that behind the canvas there is someone peddling a bicycle, who is powering the scrolling canvas.

2. Rob notices the large sign, which invites him to draw what the video and music make him feel, using markers that are provided.

 3. Rob draws on the scrolling canvas, and takes delight in the strange and exciting experience of drawing on a moving surface that also has a projection on it. Rob can then step back and see how his drawing becomes a moving part of the film and music.

 4. The person peddling the bicycle can see the images produced by Rob, as they rotate around, and can get a sense of how Rob interprets the music and video. Rob and the person on the bike can switch places to experience the event in different ways.