project three: activate

beat on the street

1. there is a booth with instrumental music playing.

2. the curious student enters the booth and notices instructions on what to do with the stack of strips of paper: the individual paper at the top of the table is the previous student’s sentence, the black strip of paper is for them to write on. they notice pictures of the city also on the table and read they are to write a sentence about how living in the city makes them feel.

3. after writing the sentence they pick up the previous paper and slip it through the slot, leaving their own sentence as inspiration for the next student.

4. on the other side, the sentences fall to a different table where others are putting the papers in what they think is the most cohesive way possible.

5. five sentences at a time, students can sing/rap/etc what others have written along with the music, noticing how their experiences of urban living interact.