Project three:Bailey Henderson

Activate Concept: Packaging Design

The photo is hard to read, this is what it says:

1. Joe enters a space.  He realizes that

the space appears to be an isle of a

convenience store; however all of

the packages on the shelves are

blank.  Joe finds the space strange.

2. Joe discovers that there is a stand with

markers and directions. He approaches

the stand, and reads the directions.

3. The directions invite Joe to design his

own packaging. He grabs a package

from the shelf, and draws on it with

the markers.

4. Joe puts his package back on the shelf,

and begins to think about the impact

that packaging and advertisement has

on his life.

One Response to “Project three:Bailey Henderson”

  1.   Irakliy Kontselidze Says:

    maybe the product of their desires.. would be better
    real cool concept though!