Project Two: Christine Chow

 One of my ideas are a rotating apple shape with a colour grid that you would match up, the colours would be blue and its different shades in the same row like a rubiks cube idea. Its fun because you get the interaction of rotating the apple and trying to match up all the colours in order for it to look correct with all colours maching. It would be fun for children and teens, especially artsy students would love colour. It is a great toy to play with if you get bored and its fairly small enough to carry around.

The next idea is a toy robot. It would be made of wood and a glass box frame for the head. the body would have a few light ups. Its fun when the lights are flashing in different colours. Users experience a response when the robot flashes as they play with it. It is friendly looking and suitable for students who are into scientific toys and people who are creative and wants an imaginary toy friend.

Also I have a spinning tresure box. It is sort of like the spinning bottle game. There is an arrow on it. The appearence will be made of collected treasures and bottles filled with beads. It is fun because it spins around and around, also you can be creative and play games with a group of people using it. This toy would be fun for girls mostly becuase of the appearence, but it is fun when used in a group as well.  An artsy person would have an interest in playting with this toy because of the wacky unusual way its made with different objects and its pleasing appearence will make users happy and enjoy the fun.