Project Two – Final Toy Proposal – Braden Mangione

Alter Ego

The Alter Ego line of collectibles is a series of helmets which come in many different colour schemes, fully customizable to represent your superhero self.

The concept behind the Alter Ego is the idea of having a superhero identity that may or may not be used, but can be displayed with every-day goods as if being a superhero is just another part of your average life. Individuals who buy and display the Alter Ego can feel an ego boost, since they may have not have real superpowers, but they will be seen by their peers as an everyday superhero.

The Alter Ego comes in many various default colour schemes, all remaining fairly plain, but are all fully customizable, so individuals are encouraged to change and modify their Alter Ego to suit themselves.

Ultimately the Alter Ego is the owner’s superhero self. They need not wear it in order to feel the confidence it will give them, although they can if they choose to look like a million dollars in addition to feeling like it.