Project Two: Mr. Whiskerz

Mr. Whiskerz is cuddly and sustainable renewal of Mr. Potato Head! Although Mr. Potato Head was once an actual potato (you were only sold plastic pieces with prongs, thus requiring you to purchase your own compostable potato body), it has since become all good lo’ plastic.

Made from old fabrics and clothing, Mr. Whiskerz is an adorable way to teach the new generation about the concerns of supporting and protecting our environment (he even comes with a ‘green’ heart) and the means of repurposing, reusing, and recycling.

He is sold as a ‘blank canvas’ with three pieces of eyes, two pieces of the mouth, and three different accessories. (Although my prototype was given the constraints of having only 6 different ‘velcro spots’, the final product will have pieces that can stick to any part of Mr. Whiskerz.) The idea of this is to stimulate the creative minds of young children as the pieces are not restrained (for example, the accessories are not restrained to being accessories and can be used as the mouth), enabling them to create their own identities.

Stuffed animals bring warmth when children are sleeping and they bring friendship when children are alone with no one to play with. Almost always are stuffies attached to feelings of longing, yearning and nostalgia. So ten, twenty, thirty or forty years later, it’s not the plastic toy someone will remember but the stuffed doll they cradled to sleep.