project two: surprisesquatch

here is surprisesquatch. he is a friendly and highly adaptive kinda guy, he wants to try his hand at everything he was always told he couldn’t do. each unit is in blindbox assortment, which means you don’t know what kind of ‘squatch you’re going to get.

in this example, we have lumbersquatch. each of the four original squatches in the series (lumbersquatch, copsquatch, businessquatch, and astrosquatch) come with a story and three accessories. the box can be flattened to reveal scenery appropriate for whatever surprisesquatch has decided to pursue.

surprisesquatch is meant for an older age group, from ages 13 and up. this is due to the fact that, though he is bendable, he is more of a collectable item which would be for aesthetics and humor. each surprisesquatch comes in a solid color which can be painted or colored on however the owner pleases. this affords the user endless options for personalization and creativity.

surprisesquatch is a little on the hefty side, but his chunkiness and weight gives him a comfortable, friendly feel. he can be pals with any designer toy you stick him on the shelf with no problem, and you can get stoked on surprisesquatch’s joie de vivre.