Spin The Doll

Spin the Doll is a fun toy designed for artsy teenagers to young adults. This toy will capture the target audience’s attention with its attractive fun design. So there is the feeling of “that toy is fun” already in their minds, It is constructed of a spinning square with shells, jars of beads, and stones on the inside and a clown head figure on the top. There is an arrow at the top of the box for the game. Basically¬†3 or ore people will play. You start off spinning the doll and whoever the arrow points to is the magician. The magician then spins the doll again and the next person it points to has to act out and pretend whatever the magician tells them to. For example, if the magician says apple, the other person has to do a gesture/sign/act out as the apple. This game is fun and creative for many players. The construction and design of the doll’s theme shows a fantasy artsy and magical world of imagination. The toy is a spinner so it can also be sed for other purposes. People can use it to play spin the bottle, or any other creative games. It can be used to help you make decisions according to the arrow. Another fun thing about this toy is that it spins and spins so just by that people can fint it amusing to see a beautiful interesting box spin around and aound.