Tech update

List of must haves for Thurs. morning (10am in the 1st year workshop):

->2 more sets of speakers : ideally, we would like speakers that are powered by the computer, but we can take ones with an adapter. Consider your ipod speakers as well (ones that can be used on a computer)

->1 more mac compatible external web cam : So far we have 2 (one potential from Bailey and one for sure from Greg)

These items are needed for this date, because that is when the building of the platforms and boxes will take place. For that reason the size of each mobile unit must be considered.

Must haves in general:

-> 3 additional laptop computers with skype installed: these computers will be in the remote settings.

-> 2-3 extension cords : 2 for sure, will be used for the elevator and smokers pit boxes and 1 might be needed for the main hall.

This is a running list of specs, please comment on any other bits that I have forgotten. The list assumes that all the hardware requested comes with its own set of cords and whatnot .



4 Responses to “Tech update”

  1.   Catherine Nabulime N Muwanga Muwanga Says:

    cord bumpers maybe needed for the elevator location.

  2.   Nicolas Steven Napolitano Says:

    hey catt, i checked the ps2 cam i don’t think it will work and have we found any any more cams? i’ll try my best to make it tom

  3.   Rui Felix Says:

    for the elevator location, we are able to place the box right in front of it, so no cord bumpers should be needed.

    but did we get any extension cords?

    if not let me know i can try to find one from home.


  4.   Carson Perrotti Says:

    I’ve got one cam and a set of speakers.