Ok, so for everyone on the documentation team, I’ve been setting up the site over the weekend. I still need the picture collages from Christine and any videos anyone else has put together.

Also, I’m trying to figure out where to put the feedback that a few people have posted on the blog. There are only like, 4, so should I bother making a page for it, or just post them on the guestbook comments section the site has?

PS. The website is up at Feel free to check it out and tell me anything that needs to be fixed or added.

4 Responses to “Website”

  1.   Rui Felix Says:

    how do you want the videos? on youtube / vimeo / or the file?

  2.   Danielle Catherine Kuindersma Says:

    on youtube is fine, i can just embed them onto the site.

  3.   Rui Felix Says:

    i had to do it on vimeo, because one movie was to long for youtube, i will email you the links on your gmail, just uploading one more video…

  4.   Braden Mangione Says:

    Looooks awesome!