Activate! Event

Pardon my non-existant skills in photography but here are all the projects that took place at Activate!:

Mood Cubed
Attraction: Red, blue, and yellow cube hats
Enter: Roll coloured dice, enter booth (a box raised on four sticks)
Engage: Visuals, sound, and a shelf with various items to handle
Exit: Video ends, or you get bored
Extension: Take one of the items from the booth with you, ie. a shell from the blue booth


Walk the Line
Attraction: People standing around a large cardboard square, painted with different coloured lines, holding ropes
Enter: Find a partner, pick a colour, get blind-folded
Engage: You are led by your partner, trying to maneuver through ropes
Exit: You complete the game, or give up
Extension: ?

Elbows Deep
Attraction: People from the group inviting you in, signs, mystery, curiosity
Enter: Choose a pesona to guide you (good guy or bad guy) then blind folded, countdown
Engage: Persona directs you to put your hand in dark concealed box
Exit: You discover whether or not you have put your hand in something good or bad
Extension: You may take your new discovery with you

Dear Diary
Attraction: Comfortable couches, recreates a living room
Enter: Sit down and read diary entries, input your own
Engage: Become part of the recreation, synthesis of reality, kind of performance art of sitting in a living room and writing in a diary
Exit: Finish reading/writing
Extension: Recall others’ diary entries

Crossed Word
Attraction: Large scale structure, visible puzzle challenge
Enter: Get a partner, talk through the cup phones
Engage: Together try to solve the crossword
Exit: Solve, or give up
Extension: Fill out questions posted on side of crossword and survey

DAA (Design Against Art)
Attraction: Posters, staged rally performance
Enter: Watch, participate, fill in petition
Engage: Take a badge/sign
Exit: Walk away, rally energy dies
Extension: Take a sign/badge with you, (ie. “Ontario College of Fart” badge), facebook page

Thought Pop
Attraction: Colourful structure (balloon flowers), loud music
Enter: Write a thought on a strip of paper, get a pin
Engage: Put your thought in a balloon, pop a balloon to read a though
Exit: Pin your thought aboard, leave
Extension: Take the thought with you

Chaordic Callabatorium
Attraction: Colourful facade, large booth design
Enter: Separated into two rooms, first room has images from magazines in collage, walk through curtain, see two words on a screen
Engage: Create your own word
Exit: Your 60s of time to invent a word is up
Extension: Choose two words for the next person

Attraction: Circus style tent, two people standing outside to greet you
Enter: You have a moment alone inside the tent with the large mechanical robot head
Engage: You press the button that says “Push me”
Exit: You take the card that pops out and leave
Extension: Open little envelope, read the card, keep it or recycle it

White Square
Attraction: A white outline of a square is situated discreetly on the floor, curiosity
Enter: Whether on purpose or by accident, you pass through the perimeters of the square, camera crew watch from all around and the team is directed to follow you
Engage: You are unwittingly stalked and followed through the great hall, you are approached and asked personal questions
Exit: You are given a card with website address and your reaction is filmed
Extension: You can later see yourself and others in candid photos and video captured by the White Square “paparazzi”, minimal profiles are also featured

Personality Box
Attraction: A voice talks, presumably from the random box on table, curiosity
Enter: The box starts a conversation, you approach the box
Engage: Two separate personalities (party animal and pick up artist) are situated one in the great hall, one in the smoking area, you may get to know these two personalities
Exit: Conversation ends or you ignore the box
Extension: Visit the website, see yours and others reactions

(Photo by Carson)