For those who acted as a persona

hey guys, for those of you who acted as a persona, thanks again for your great participation. I think it would be a good idea to have some documentation of that experience in our “extension”(website) if its not too much trouble could those who acted as a persona or even if not and you just want to share something from our activate experience please post it as a comment to this post, I as I’m sure many are probably curious as to how everyone thought the whole thing went.

Thanks again, Spencer!

5 Responses to “For those who acted as a persona”

  1.   Lianna Kyra Petridis Says:

    i think the event as a whole went really well! as for our boxes, i think the outdoor “drunk” box did the best, as people were both stopped at this area anyway and the persona was very easy to get along with. having been a voice for the pick-up artist for a little while, i found it very difficult to get people to stop because of a) having it in a transitory location and b) the persona being too creepy. though this did limit the responses, the ones that i did get were great.

  2.   Braden Mangione Says:

    I acted as the drunk box for a while and got a ton of different responses. Many people ignored the box, being just intimidated to talk to a new person, so evidently, they were treating it as if it were a real person. More social people who did want to talk to the box at first assumed it was just a prerecorded voice at first, until the box described them and asked them for certain things or told them stories and answered their questions. They were shocked, and wanted to know who it was that was pretending to be the box. They seemed to be fine with accepting its anonymity for the sake of funny conversation they could relate to or the concept of treating a box as a real person.

    Some people would definitely be more inclined to talk to a talking box than a talking person.

  3.   Spencer Bryant-Longo Says:

    i really thought the whole acting out a beer box was crazy, it felt weird to be perceived to be in a place that i was not in. it was like being on speakerphone, but more exposed. strange experience to say the least. in retrospect i would have maybe trained myself to be a bit more forward if i was to do it again but i just did my best to improvise the character, i did have some short but interesting conversations though. all in all definitely an experience to remember

  4.   Matthew Williams Says:

    The first persona I acted out was the ‘pick up artist’ and it was very weird. Since I don’t pick up girls and guys myself, using cheesy pick up lines on strangers was going out of my comfort zone. If the subjects could have seen me saying these things to them, I would not have done it but since they had no idea who I was it became more comfortable and more humorous as it went on. I also acted out the beer box which was more fun. I had a few conversations with some people outside and I could totally make up some crazy shit like how my mom found a porno in the VHS player. I was thinking about a surfer dude from the 80’s and just kind of dated myself all of the time. Someone asked me something like, “Do you meet anybody, because you are a beer box after all?” And I replied, “If I wasn’t a beer box, I would not be talking to you.” This made me realize the power of surveillance and people in general. I would not have met this person on the street because I wouldn’t have given her the time of day, but since I was acting through a beer box she was inclined to talk to it. Crazy experience and very fun as well.

  5.   Sean Joseph Collins Says:

    I had a really great time acting through the beer box. At first is was really difficult to get into character, however after a few minutes I adjusted. It was really cool being able to sit upstairs in a place where I often do my homework, and carry on conversations with people outside the front doors. I found that most people chose not to engage in conversation with the box, however those who did really heightened the spirits of the event. One thing I found that was that people who walked by could sometimes recognize my voice. This probably took away from the experience as the box lost its personality, and they saw me though it. This only happened a few times, and always with people I knew. One girl even sent me a text message asking where I was. The experiences I had with complete strangers were much more exciting. Overall it was a great day, and I enjoyed acting out the persona.