party type

just a heads up, it isn’t a unisex persona because the voice actors are all guys so it was easier to just do it this way:

chad is your average university boy. first year in an undeclared major, he worked ‘hard’ to get into the best fraternity on campus by harrassing females and bullying other guys. his parents both made good money but at the expense of not getting to spend a lot of time home with their sons. as a result, chad and his brothers were left to play video games and go out to their friends’ houses late at night for parties deep in the ‘burbs. chad enjoys football, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee and beer pong, and he takes his sports very seriously. he also loves the concept of women, y’know, like, chicks that are HOT. certainly females are not multi-faceted and complex characters to chad, but his main squeeze is britney, and she doesn’t challenge chad’s idea of what chicks ‘are’. chad dresses to impress his bros, so names like tapout and ed hardy are a must. long shorts with birkenstocks and socks, pulled together with any sick branded shirt and baseball cap completes the ensemble. he also likes to make sure people know he’s tough, it’s what the meaning behind his ‘siq tribal armband tat’ is – strength. he loves family guy and ufc, cheap beer, smoking weed and working out. totally counter-productive activities to one another but hey, partying it up is where it’s at! when chad’s hair is visible due to a lack of baseball cap (very rarely), it is buzzed and sometimes even has a neat little design shaved into the sides – after tanning (either at the salon or beach) the design really pops. chad and his buddies enjoy broing out. this consists of watching the game, going to the gym, playing call of duty, sipping on natty ice and smoking up – getting belligerent at the bars and clubs comes afterwards. all in all, chad has a general disdain for school (he went to university for the frat parties), work (he lives off his mom and dad’s money afterall), intelligence (it threatens chad), and sophistication.
“niiiiice muscles, bro! no homo!” – could be too ~*controversial*~ to say at the event
“ay, that chick you’re with bro… she’s HOT”
“maaaaaaan… just pass me one more brew, bro”
“beer pong tourny later, you BETTER be there, bro!”
“bro, come check out my newest tat… see that? it means strength”
“let’s head to the park and blaze, man”
“bro, you lookin at my girl? you wanna try that again?! i got my buddies with me”
“bro did you SEE the fight last night between lidell and silva?! it was SICK!!!!”
“dude……………. what time is it?”
“dude, did you see last night’s family guy? friggen hilarious”