Princess persona so far…

This is the background for the princess persona, so far. If anyone is unsatisfied with it in any way, it can be changed. It is not a unisex persona, I gave the persona a name also, which can be kept or not… let me know what you think…

Princess Personality: Amy

Amy grew up in Oakville Ontario, and moved to a townhouse in downtown Toronto with her mom and dad when she was 12. She is now 17 years old, and is in grade 11. She has moved a few times in her life, but has always lived in a city. She lives in an expensive neighborhood. Both of her parents are well to do bankers, and are fairly wealthy. As a result of this, Amy grew up pretty much getting exactly what she wanted. She was very bossy as a child, and spoiled rotten, which she still is today. She doesn’t like it when she doesn’t get what she wants, or when things don’t go her way. She hates being criticized. Amy is an only child.

Amy is a complete suck up to her parents, especially to her dad. She has never worked a day in her life, and relays on her parents for spending money. She knows that sucking up will get her what she wants.

Amy is extremely picky about pretty much everything.

Amy likes to dress fashionably, and only shops in a handful of stores. She likes shopping for tops, and shoes (especially slippers).

She likes eating Chinese food, vegetable stir fries, hamburgers, some Indian food, but nothing that is too strange. She absolutely will not eat fish, clams, or shrimp because they look Icky.

Amy is very chit-chatty, and likes talking about herself. She spends most of her free time (which is a lot) with her friends.

Amy does well in school, and is quite serious about her education (partly because her parents push her to be), although she doesn’t really look like she is. Her best subjects are photography and English. She has no clue what she wants to be in the future, and tends to avoid thinking about important issues such as this. She would rather live in the “now”, and spend time with friends, than plan her future. Amy does not like science classes, especially biology as she had to dissect a worm once (it was a horrible experience).

Her favorite colours are bright orange, light pink, and lime green.

Amy doesn’t leave the city often, and thus does not experience nature very often outside of local city parks near her house. Because of this, she tends to have a fear of the unknown. She gets creped out, and scarred easily. She hates bugs, worms, fish, or any other creature that falls under the creepy or slimy category. She also is secretly scared of the dark (but she would never mention this to friends, or she would be teased). Amy hates it when friends scare her, because they know that she is easily scared.

Amy likes watching gossip shows and reading gossip magazines. She likes “Girly” music. Mostly pop music, but some hip hop sort of stuff, and electronic, too. Basically, music by female artists, that have a good beat/ catchy lyrics are a favorite: such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Mandy  Moore. She hates country music and metal music. She is not a big fan of movies, but watches music videos often.

Amy likes to look good; she wears lots of makeup, and is obsessed about her hair. She always has to wear an outfit that suits her mood, and takes a long time to decide on anything.

Amy is a nice girl, but she tends to not like/understand people who do not share her tastes in fashion. She has a tendency to make fun of people behind their backs, but she doesn’t intend to be mean. She is good at getting along with others, even if she doesn’t like them, so long as they don’t tick her off.

Amy spends A LOT of time with her friends. She likes to invite friends over to her house, or go to friends’ houses and chit-chat. She likes to hang around at malls, or downtown with her friends. She has a cell phone, and is always talking or text messaging someone. Amy also likes to sneak off to parties with her friends sometimes ( her parents don’t know this, and would not approve of it).

Amy likes to talk to her friends about:

–          T.V. shows that she likes/ gossip.

–          Life’s petty little problems. (she likes to blow things out of proportion, and exaggerate to make little things sound horrible.)

–          So and so said this, so and so said that.

–          The new slippers that she bought.

–          How awful school was today.

–          What her plans for the weekend are.

2 Responses to “Princess persona so far…”

  1.   Sean Joseph Collins Says:

    Its a very well developed persona, I like what you’ve done so far. Maybe just try finding a way to make it unisex? That way both male and female students can participate. Other than that it looks good.

  2.   Iva Jovsic Says:

    Guyzz i made fb page the name of the persona is Amy Ricks
    e-mail address is
    n password is princess add her as a friend