Project Two: DIY PlushPets

March 23, 2010

DIY PlushPets


Bring the experience of experiencing toys back by being the creator of your own!

DIY PlushPets is one of the few toys on the market that will teach you an all around basic skill

that the new up and coming generations, with the reward of a new plush toy! All you need

to do is follow the instructions. The more they play, the better they get. Soon after you

will be able to sew anything on your own, not just toys!


Spin The Doll

March 16, 2010

Spin the Doll is a fun toy designed for artsy teenagers to young adults. This toy will capture the target audience’s attention with its attractive fun design. So there is the feeling of “that toy is fun” already in their minds, It is constructed of a spinning square with shells, jars of beads, and stones on the inside and a clown head figure on the top. There is an arrow at the top of the box for the game. Basically 3 or ore people will play. You start off spinning the doll and whoever the arrow points to is the magician. The magician then spins the doll again and the next person it points to has to act out and pretend whatever the magician tells them to. For example, if the magician says apple, the other person has to do a gesture/sign/act out as the apple. This game is fun and creative for many players. The construction and design of the doll’s theme shows a fantasy artsy and magical world of imagination. The toy is a spinner so it can also be sed for other purposes. People can use it to play spin the bottle, or any other creative games. It can be used to help you make decisions according to the arrow. Another fun thing about this toy is that it spins and spins so just by that people can fint it amusing to see a beautiful interesting box spin around and aound.

The Drum Box

March 15, 2010

The Drum Box was created by Napo Industries to solve need of bored class room occupants. The Drum Box fulfills this need by bringing a portable, miniature drum set to the individuals disposal. The individual can simply “whip” out two writing instruments and instantly play out a drum solo to entertain their feeble mind.

Marker Rendering and Ideal Form:

The Drum Box also doubles as pencil case and has ample room to store the day to day supplies for the average consumer. The electronics are carefully concealed within the top portion or “lid” of the pencil case. The Drum box runs on 4 AA battery that are placed in the inside of the lid.

The Drum Box is the ultimate achievement in anti classroom boredom!

Project Two: Mr. Whiskerz

March 15, 2010

Mr. Whiskerz is cuddly and sustainable renewal of Mr. Potato Head! Although Mr. Potato Head was once an actual potato (you were only sold plastic pieces with prongs, thus requiring you to purchase your own compostable potato body), it has since become all good lo’ plastic.

Made from old fabrics and clothing, Mr. Whiskerz is an adorable way to teach the new generation about the concerns of supporting and protecting our environment (he even comes with a ‘green’ heart) and the means of repurposing, reusing, and recycling.

He is sold as a ‘blank canvas’ with three pieces of eyes, two pieces of the mouth, and three different accessories. (Although my prototype was given the constraints of having only 6 different ‘velcro spots’, the final product will have pieces that can stick to any part of Mr. Whiskerz.) The idea of this is to stimulate the creative minds of young children as the pieces are not restrained (for example, the accessories are not restrained to being accessories and can be used as the mouth), enabling them to create their own identities.

Stuffed animals bring warmth when children are sleeping and they bring friendship when children are alone with no one to play with. Almost always are stuffies attached to feelings of longing, yearning and nostalgia. So ten, twenty, thirty or forty years later, it’s not the plastic toy someone will remember but the stuffed doll they cradled to sleep.

Project 2 – Catt Muwanga

March 15, 2010

Spice that boring dorm fridge with the faces of all the celebrities you love to hate. Add some ridiculously memorable catch phrases and you’ve got the recipe for fun. Purchase a set in a given theme (political figures, musicians, actors and just plain celebrities)  and be prepared to laugh at combinations that arise. Collect your favorite phrases as they become available and update your life and fridge with the latest laugh. The modern young adult can impress their friends brighten an average day with little effort.

Not only will the smiles be magnetic, but the fun is magnetic too!

Project 2. Toy (Cabbage-Sack)-K

March 15, 2010

The toy is called Cabbage-Sack, which directly illustrate the shape of the toy where it intends to vegetables haters toy. The basic concept of kicking cabbage in the air as much as possible without hitting the ground. This toy is basically a combination of a hock-sack and a piñata. The object is to kick the toy as much as possible while trying to take the surprise inside the ball. This toy can be played with many people as possible with a clear ending to the game, which gives a clear objective to the game while in process.  A cheap, portable, and exiting short game for all ages.

Project 2

March 15, 2010

Floppy is a new approach to a typical stress relief ball. During times of distress, whether at work, around the house, or in traffic, Floppy can be a personal “friend”. It may be squeezed in order to relief stress through your arm muscles or simply bounced around as it returns to you. Floppy is also aesthetically pleasing, so it may act as an ornament sitting on your desk at the office, or your shelf at home. Floppy is one of the 12 member family.

Project 2: Table-Top-Tether-Ball. Spencer Bryant-Longo

March 15, 2010

Taking it back to a simpler time when kids would play for hours in the playground around the tether ball post, table-top-tether-ball brings a fun outdoor game into your home! set up is a breeze, just find a smooth table top surface to attach the suction cup base of the post to and stick and play! constructed of a large rubber suction cup, a wooden post string and a rubber ball the toy is of a simpler design, the fun comes from a players competitive nature. both single and multi-player capable the name of the game is don’t let the ball rap all the way up on the post unless its your hit. Only 18 inches total in height the post can un-screw from the suction cup base for ease of transport to fit in any common backpack. Because of its simple design the game is easily played and can be fun for both children and adults alike. As a result of the few parts and use of existing technology the development of this into a production toy would not be expensive and could create great profits for those interested in pursuing such an opportunity.

project two: surprisesquatch

March 14, 2010

here is surprisesquatch. he is a friendly and highly adaptive kinda guy, he wants to try his hand at everything he was always told he couldn’t do. each unit is in blindbox assortment, which means you don’t know what kind of ‘squatch you’re going to get.

in this example, we have lumbersquatch. each of the four original squatches in the series (lumbersquatch, copsquatch, businessquatch, and astrosquatch) come with a story and three accessories. the box can be flattened to reveal scenery appropriate for whatever surprisesquatch has decided to pursue.

surprisesquatch is meant for an older age group, from ages 13 and up. this is due to the fact that, though he is bendable, he is more of a collectable item which would be for aesthetics and humor. each surprisesquatch comes in a solid color which can be painted or colored on however the owner pleases. this affords the user endless options for personalization and creativity.

surprisesquatch is a little on the hefty side, but his chunkiness and weight gives him a comfortable, friendly feel. he can be pals with any designer toy you stick him on the shelf with no problem, and you can get stoked on surprisesquatch’s joie de vivre.

Project 2-CUBEextent-Irakliy K. (Ivan)

March 14, 2010

This little, keychain, easy to use cube has got the hours of fun tactile feedback- like that of a click pen. Mechanical with a digital display, it is self charging. You can utilise the ease of measure from 8 scales and units. It is fun just to see the numbers change as you drag it along any surface- that being walls curves or your friends! It has a clicker option that can be turned off, when it is on- it clicks at increments of the scale that you have selected. The extra long display gives you a chance to use it with huge distances- it gives you a range of miles and kilometers! Or it gives you an extra precise measurement of up to a thousand’s. Its simplicity and addictiveness is equally fun for anyone from an Architect to a High School Student.

“Measure distances, heights and your friends!”

“A very new way to cut down on your gear when you are out, looking for a specific measurement…”

“…the hours of fun tactile feedback…”

“…it gives you a range miles and miles!”

“…gives you an extra precise measurement…”

Project 2 Lego Ocad Greg Mcroberts

March 14, 2010

Designed to fit in with the existing Lego Architecture series, as well as be an artistic statement about OCAD, Lego OCAD not only stands out from the rest but walks over the competition! It truly sets this kit out from the rest. The design is true to form with the random window shapes and leg coulors, this version of the Will Alsop Table Top is sure to be enjoyed by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Hit the button on the power box to watch Lego OCAD walk. Will Lego OCAD stay upright, or come falling down? It is a chance you must take if a risky design is to succed. Not just geared toward OCAD students, Lego OCAD can be enjoyed by everyone and makes a welcome addition to any collection.

Project2 : Clever ball. Final proposal by Felix Chan

March 14, 2010

Everyone should have the experience of playing soccer. It is the situation, e.g., you kicked the ball and you had to spend time to get it back, even worse the ball flied over the fence and you said OMG…

Clever ball can solve your problem. The design of this ball is to tie a rope on one side of the ball. In the end of the rope, there is a handle hanging over there to hold and control. When you play, you just have to hold the handle and kick the ball wherever you want. You do not have to worry about where the ball will fly away because you can just pull the rope to get the ball back, you can also adjust the length of the rope to fit your needs.

STITCHES the zombie doll: Dani Kuindersma

March 14, 2010

Please click to download PDF file

STITCHES the zombie doll

(HTTP error occurred, so I had to host it elsewhere)

Project 2 : Proposal

March 14, 2010

The collection of qUirKy fLieR plush toys provides a variety of everyday objects and odd characters that normally do not fly, creating a surprising, ironic and humorous situation when seen flying across a room.

qUirKy fLieR is environmentally conscious and sustainable toy, as it is made from recycled and reused fabrics, which also gives our toys a strong contrast of textures, patterns from the different materials used.

Challenge yourself to see how far you can shoot your qUirKy fLieR. It is attached with an industrial strength elastic that can be stretched back freely without the fear of breaking.  Properly done you could get it about 20 feet across the room, easy to read and understand instructions are provided for the first few tries.

qUirKy fLieR is not just great for it’s flying skills, it also makes a great cuddling partner with its soft plush material.  It makes for a funny sight and conversation piece as well…

…who wouldn’t laugh at Flying Poo sitting in your living room?

Ok, maybe not everyone, but a tone of people enjoy ironic and sarcastic humor, and that is who qUirKy fLieR caters too.  Take the hipster persona for example, he/she whose aim is to stay away from mainstream and express their different, unique styles would definitely appreciate the odd and ironic statement a qUirKy fLieR toy makes.  An artsy fartsypersona would enjoy the arts and crafts aspect of everyday objects being made into plush toys, and the use of different fabrics.  And finally, just about everyone would appreciate qUirKy fLieR’s sustainable practice of using recycled materials.

Project 2: Metal Heads Finger Puppets

March 14, 2010

Metal Head Finger Puppets are for the metalhead in everyone. Instead of head banging to your favourite heavy metal songs, you can put the Metal Head on your finger and head bang away, without the head rush!

The death metal finger puppet character is based from traditional Swedish death metal bands and is made out of thick stuffed cotton and screen printed with the Swedish death metal make-up.  There is an elastic at the bottom so when head bang the puppet doesn’t fly away and the hair is made from fabric similar to heavy pillow tassels that make windmill head banging a breeze!

Users found the toy very fun, addicting, and comedic. An idea for further advancement would be to have a collection of famous rockstars so the consumer could buy their favourite rocker, for example Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), James Hetfield (Metallica), Satyricon, etc.

Project Two Final – Sean Collins

March 14, 2010

Smack-It Proposal

The Smack-It is a toy designed for an older demographic, specifically between the age group of fifteen to twenty. It’s a simple idea, which thrives off humans and their competitive nature. Through observing patterns of history one can conclude that the human race loves competition. Seeing as the toy was designed to cater to an older, and in most cases less imaginative demographic, it seemed logical to incorporate the experience of competition. Another observation I have made is that, as humans living in the 21st century, we want immediate gratification. Things we interact with must be intuitive and require minimal instruction. If someone has to take time out of their day to read directions or figure out how an object works, it’s likely they will overlook it and move on. Coming to this realization made me design the toy keeping this in mind.

User Testing Video:

I found the user testing process was a great way to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a given object. The major issue I found was durability. The connection between the platform and arm of the smack-it wasn’t fully resolved, and through observation, new methods of attachment began to flow. Another more minor issue was that the board had a tenancy to move around while in play. This was solved through installing four small suction cups to the base of the board.

Final Renderings:

Project Two – Final Toy Proposal – Braden Mangione

March 14, 2010

Alter Ego

The Alter Ego line of collectibles is a series of helmets which come in many different colour schemes, fully customizable to represent your superhero self.

The concept behind the Alter Ego is the idea of having a superhero identity that may or may not be used, but can be displayed with every-day goods as if being a superhero is just another part of your average life. Individuals who buy and display the Alter Ego can feel an ego boost, since they may have not have real superpowers, but they will be seen by their peers as an everyday superhero.

The Alter Ego comes in many various default colour schemes, all remaining fairly plain, but are all fully customizable, so individuals are encouraged to change and modify their Alter Ego to suit themselves.

Ultimately the Alter Ego is the owner’s superhero self. They need not wear it in order to feel the confidence it will give them, although they can if they choose to look like a million dollars in addition to feeling like it.

Project 2: Bailey Henderson

March 12, 2010

  Crazy Bugz are a collectible series of bug figurines,

featuring intense colour and bizarre forms.

  Each figure has adjustable and positionable parts,

making them great for interactive play.

  The vibrant and intense, crazy, metallic colours, along

with the bizarre appearance of the toy will provide a

unique viewing experience for the user.

  These adjustable and visual aspects of the toy will

ensure that it is very fun. The toy is well designed,

and very  well crafted and painted, which ensures

a rich visual quality and enjoyment.

  Crazy Bugz figurines are exciting and cool. They are

a good idea because a stylish, visually exciting and

stimulating bug figure had yet to be invented for an

adult audience. Nothing else is like them.

  Crazy Bugz can be enjoyed for hours on end, by anyone

who appreciates visually appealing and quality designed

toys, that are unique.


Project 2: Testing Day Pictures!

March 10, 2010

Check out the pictures taken during our prototype testing!

Click Here!

Project Two: Christine Chow

March 8, 2010

 One of my ideas are a rotating apple shape with a colour grid that you would match up, the colours would be blue and its different shades in the same row like a rubiks cube idea. Its fun because you get the interaction of rotating the apple and trying to match up all the colours in order for it to look correct with all colours maching. It would be fun for children and teens, especially artsy students would love colour. It is a great toy to play with if you get bored and its fairly small enough to carry around.

The next idea is a toy robot. It would be made of wood and a glass box frame for the head. the body would have a few light ups. Its fun when the lights are flashing in different colours. Users experience a response when the robot flashes as they play with it. It is friendly looking and suitable for students who are into scientific toys and people who are creative and wants an imaginary toy friend.

Also I have a spinning tresure box. It is sort of like the spinning bottle game. There is an arrow on it. The appearence will be made of collected treasures and bottles filled with beads. It is fun because it spins around and around, also you can be creative and play games with a group of people using it. This toy would be fun for girls mostly becuase of the appearence, but it is fun when used in a group as well.  An artsy person would have an interest in playting with this toy because of the wacky unusual way its made with different objects and its pleasing appearence will make users happy and enjoy the fun.

Project 2

March 7, 2010

Project Two: Anna Pavlenko

February 27, 2010



1. Sew your own clothes for stuffed animal/doll

  • Individual toy, with single reward at the end
  • Included with basic fabrics, patterns, and mini-sewing kit
  • Satisfaction of creating your own toy from scratch
  • Learning/Tuning up skills
  • Could be available for boys as well, for example re-created stuffed bugs, dinosaurs, footballs

2. Iron on designs able to be rewashed

  • Unattainable technology
  • Re-play value
  • Lets a consumer get ideas with the changing fads

3.  Erasable markers on clothing (could be used with ideas 1&2)

  • Like the markers that came with those stuffed bears, then wash them and draw on them again.
  • Good for people who make mistakes, not pressured to have it done right the first time.

Matthew Williams’ Sketches

February 25, 2010

Sorry for the lateness, just realized from Spencer what I could do to get the pics up.

The first 6 sketches were Ghost stencils, Metro Sexual Male toy, Fixed Gear Bike Model, Swedish Death Metal finger puppets, ‘Ghetto’ guns, and Wheels for your TV remote. I got some feedback from a few friends and they said to go with the finger puppets, fixed gear model, and the stencils. The designophile and hipster would both like the fixed gear model due to its trendiness and refined style, but extremely hard to make. The ghost stencils would be for a younger audience so wouldn’t really fit this project and not too fun. The winner, courtesy of feedback from some fellow students,  seems to be the Swedish Death Metal finger puppets made from sewn material and fake hair. Someone suggested they could also be pencil toppers and could mimic real life rock stars. These could come in sets of Death Metal figures, Classic Rockers, or Hardcore. Now you can headbang without the headrush. These can be made on a sewing machine and I think the stoner might find this worth buying.

Project 2-Toy-K

February 20, 2010

Voice change loudspeaker

  • Voice changing mechanism that allows to change voice
  • Fun toy for all ages especially people who like pranks
  • Small and portable toy
  • Simple and intuitive use
  • Users will feel socio-pleasure
  • Could be used as an collectable accessory in terms of colour, size and shape

Cabbage shuttlecock

  • Shuttlecock shaped as a cabbage
  • Collectable toy (different shapes of vegetables)
  • Many different types of games can be played
  • Users will feel physical pleasure

Stress releaser pen

  • Rotating punching bag connected at the tip of the pen that goes around in circles. It also records how many times it goes around.
  • Fun toy that brings competition as the high score changes.
  • Users will feel physical pleasure
  • Small and easy access to usage

Project 2: Spencer Bryant-Longo

February 20, 2010

Above is the Fan Hand

Design is not universal.

appreciated by mechanically inclined

appreciated by Sebastian for its design and simple principles and Parshan for its ability to express emotions in a raw way

might be too complex to build

expensive to produce

does it work?


Unfortunately the photo was too large and so i uploaded it to flikr for ease of viewing

Fun Game

Everyone can relate to from childhood

Easy to set up and play with

Works for all personas

Easy and cheep to manufacture, could use pre-existing materials to make i.e. toilet plunger


Unfortunately the photo was too large and so i uploaded it to flikr for ease of viewing

Hilarious Funny Concept

for Max and Parshan

Appeals to all gender/orientations

light hearted approach to a touchy subject

Project Two – Braden Mangione

February 19, 2010

Idea one – Character masks
Would be strong as a series: possibility for collectible aspect, as well as picking one which suits your personality, or separates you from your friends who also buy one. Or more!
-Function should be more implied by appearance of it, playing, partying, collecting, being Daft Punk, etc.
-Certain masks for certain personas, once person puts on mask, they BECOME the character, much easier for this character to become you and for you to become them. Easily customizable with stickers, paintable surfaces and white vinyl DIY versions. Tons of possibilities.

Idea two – lesser-known Canadian politician sock dolls
-Would also work better as a series, more for humour and collectibility than anything else.
-Buyers would choose the politician that suited their views or that they thought was the funniest looking
-Each doll coming with a pin of the political party and info about it would subtly educate while not pushing any specific party, since dolls would only be made of the unpopular politicians.
-Hard to make for class, but would be funny as a novelty. Might pertain to a slightly larger audience, not simply college-aged persons.

Idea three – Canadian celebrity bobble-heads (featuring Doug Henning, Leslie Neilson, Eugene Levy, etc.)
-Provides nostalgic pleasure for people who can remember the 80s, while providing aesthetic humour to anyone who doesn’t.
-Figures are relatively small, can be put anywhere including popular places like car dashboards, where others will see them and find enjoyment instantly.
-Builds its popularity on the past, no need to build immense popularity on its own like Homies, so sales would take little time to take off.

project two: toy design sketches

February 19, 2010

toy number one: the kitty kneader (drawing a total rip off of simon’s cat)

  • for when you miss your cat
  • turning it on enables a purring sound, and the kitty starts to knead your palm
  • when other people have the kitties then they meow/chatter when they are near each other

toy number two: the witch doctor

  • comes with a charm necklace/bracelet with realistic looking fake teeth and bones and beaks
  • also comes with dream catcher for your room
  • comes with several different masks for different purposes – healing, ritual, solstice, etc

toy number three: ____squatch

  • blindbox assortment
  • four different possibilities in first series: copsquatch, businessquatch, astrosquatch, and lumbersquatch
  • accessories come with squatch according to his career choice, and box folds out to act as scenery for him
  • he is bendy and comes with his features/fur already established but can be colored and recolored to the owner’s content

Nic Napolitano: Toy Sketches

February 19, 2010

Toy Designs – Dani

February 18, 2010

Rescue Helicopter

  • throw the army man and parachute into the air
  • as he falls, press the button on the helicopter to blow air into the chute
  • try to keep the army man in the air for as long as possible

Lucky Cups

  • put 10 pieces into your cup (divide into red and blue for an easy game, or colored if you want to try and remember the numbers)
  • shake the cup and dump the pieces on the table
  • order the pieces from 1 to 10, guessing which piece go where if the piece is color side up
  • flip them over and see how many are in order

*if you play the easy way its all luck, but if you pick a random colored 1 – 10 then you can figure out which numbers a red and which are blue, therefore allowing you to better guess the order of the numbers on your next turn

Zombie Boy

  • the doll has zippers on its mouth, head, and stomach
  • it comes with stress ball organs
  • open the doll and put the organs wherever you want
  • there are barriers dividing the head, mouth, and stomach but the organs can be pushed through them if you want. If you don’t push them through they will just sit wherever you placed them to begin with

Project Two: Bailey Henderson

February 18, 2010

Toy 1: Rearranging Toy.

The toy is separated into different sections, which are held together by magnets. The point of this toy is to rearrange the pieces, and have fun coming up with different ways to assemble them.

This toy would be good to keep one’s hands busy, such as while talking on the phone.

This toy could work as a set; there could be a variety of different animals to choose from.


Toy 2: Frog Toy

This is a toy of a frog, that could either be a rubber, or a plush toy. The point of the toy is that you squeeze the toy, and the frogs tongue sticks out. This has the potential to be fun as it could be used to bother friends; you can walk up behind them and shoot the tongue out at them.

Toy 3: Bizarre Toy

This is a set of bizarre figures or plush toys. There would be more in the set than these two examples. The idea was to take the name of an animal ( leopard frog) and create a toy of the animal, based on  the name ( a leopard that is also a frog). These would be a sort of collectable toy. They would be fun to look at.

Project Two: Constructive Feedback

February 18, 2010

As discussed today in class, constructive feedback to your collegues’  Project Two toy concepts should take the form of answers to the following questions:

How (or how not) is the prototype fun? Here, discuss the design specifics of the toy–communication strategies, clever mapping, appropriate affordances, etc.–either ein terms of design successes, or missed opportunities (and suggestions for improvement). Make reference to course material presented to date where possible.

Why (or why not) is the prototype fun? Here, discuss your gut feelings about the toy’s “fun-ness.” This is a more subjective, synthetic and ultimately difficult question than the previous one. Make reference to our Exercise Six deconstruction of fun where possible.

Who (or who not) is the prototype fun for? This last question should be answered in terms of the personas you created in Exercise Eight, In short, list the which persona(s) the toy or game would appeal to. If none, posit a missing persona, or discuss why this toy is inappropriate for the target audience.

Project 2 Greg Mcroberts Toy Ideas and Concepts

February 18, 2010

1- Glow Pad

2- Rube Goldberg Construction Set

3- Simple Geared machines Kit

4- Customizable Fish Submarine

5- Pop Bottle Car and Rocket Kit

6- 3d Comic Kit

7- Custom walking lego OCAD Building

Glow Pad

  Glow pad uses a reactive pad that glows when exposed to light. Uses light pen that has crank to generate electricity making allowances to eliminate batteries, and generates feedback in the form of the dimming light, to let you know when to recharge the pen. The visibility of the crank will be our intuitive nature for us to turn it.  Combined with included templates, or one you make or find, instant results can be achieved. The user can make images that are temporary and reusable indefinitely. Glow pad will also use different coulored pads to suit user’s individual taste.

Rube Goldberg Construction set.

      The famous comic artis Rube Goldberg, was known for his intricate drawings of very complex but simple machines constructed to do a simple task like making orange juice. The more unnecessary events that take place from step to step are what make these constructed objects fun. This kit would comprise of elements that go together in a modular system, to make a set of events occur that begin with a gravity fed ball, and as a ball travels a path it sets other events in motion, such as the turning of a wheel, that can generate electricity, making allowances to eliminate the need for batteries,  that can be used to power LED lights, sounds, or mp3 player, giving the user instant results. Engaging the mind, watching the results, and offering endless combinations is the root of the fun here.

Two Litre Pop Bottle Car/Rocket

        In the form of a kit, combined with a repurposed two ltr pop bottle, the user constructs a car and a rocket out of the elements included with the kit, that is powered by water and pressure to achieve thrust and forward motion. In the box would be a set of fins, and a cone for the rocket, and a set of wheels and chassis for the car. The user puts in water and pumps the pressure with included pump or bicycle tire pump. Kit comes with universal pump and bottle interface with launch release switch. 

Custom OCAD Table top walker

     This would consist of lego elements that build a miniature version of the OCAD table top building. When built the stilts would act as legs giving this model the ability to walk. Using the Lego Digital Designer program to make this kit a reality. 

Project 2 : Felix Chan

February 18, 2010

Emotion sensor

  • It only works on the thing which has a usb plug
  • make fun when you does not have a webcam
  • there are a sensor and a monitor
  • Press the sensor with your fingers
  • Show the person on the other side the face or words you want to show
  • the monitor on the other side will light on with the emotion you just press
  • common emotions like =), =_=, > <
  • common words like sup, brb, see u, bye

Shocking puzzle

  • a puzzle sensor and a electric shocking machine
  • 2 competitors have to finish the puzzle as fast as they can
  • they have to put one hand on the “shocker” and use other to puzzle
  • loser will get a electric shock

Doll in a ball

  • It is just a common soft ball if you play around it
  • When you open it, somethings pop out
  • there is a dog inside
  • you can put whatever you want inside

Project 2 : Rui’s Toy Concepts

February 18, 2010

Flying Plush Toys

  • somebody stressing you out?
  • grab your Flying Poo
  • hold on to the elastic end
  • pull the poo’s tip back
  • a couple of practice throws might be needed to calculate distance / pulling ratio
  • freak somebody out as they see an object fly at them that normally would not be flying
  • also comes in Flying Brick and Flying Bottle


Art History Figurines

  • Choose your favorite Art History Subject
  • Enjoy it’s new monster version
  • You have the “Mutt You” version of the Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain
  • “Monacula” version of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa
  • “Las Bad Girls” version of Velazquez’s Las Meninas
  • Great tool to help you study

+ Paper Art History Characters

  • print your favorite art history character
  • cut them out
  • use double sided tape to put them together


Head Sharpener

  • stick you favorite pencils through the heads eyes for easy access
  • sharpen your pencil through the built in sharpener on the side of the head
  • enjoy watching as the head “throws up” the waste
  • take out some aggression with the head as you stab it with the pencils

Project Two: Sean Colins

February 18, 2010

Three of my toy ideas and rough sketches:

Interactive Clothing:

  • Clothing has never been so much fun
  • This is a series of clothing that, in a two-dimensional way, takes the form of objects which come in contact with it
  • It is ideal for playing games such as tag, tick tac toe, Pictionary, etc.
  • There are no limitations of what can be donewith these cloths
  • It would work through a treated material that reacts to touch, something similar to American Apparels thermo chromatic tee-shirts, however touch   sensitive rather than heat sensitive

Outfit Dolls:

  • Figuring out what to wear can sometimes become an unnecessary process
  • Trying on multiple articles of clothing is both time consuming and annoying
  • Rather than trying on everything you own, you can test it on the doll
  • Doll sits on your desk or vanity and acts as your own little model
  • When buying an article of clothing from select stores, you receive that same piece on a smaller scale which is suitable for your doll
  • This toy makes the experience of getting dressed much more pleasant

Gator Arms:

  • This is a set of sleeves that resembles an alligators upper body (mainly mouth)
  • They are constructed of foam, cotton fabric, and carbon fiber for support
  • Two people wear these and compete with one another to get the other competitors “food”
  • (This was based off an idea I created, and never used last semester)

Project Two: Sketches

February 18, 2010

(Click thumbnails above to see full images.)

Project 2: Andrew’s 3 Detailed Toy Concepts

February 18, 2010

Descriptions of concepts are provided in the captions beside the drawings.


Kicksaq Ultra

Stress-Ease Plushies

Project Two: Design for Fun

February 8, 2010

Click here to download Project Two: Design for Fun.