Activate! Event

April 11, 2010

Pardon my non-existant skills in photography but here are all the projects that took place at Activate!:

Mood Cubed
Attraction: Red, blue, and yellow cube hats
Enter: Roll coloured dice, enter booth (a box raised on four sticks)
Engage: Visuals, sound, and a shelf with various items to handle
Exit: Video ends, or you get bored
Extension: Take one of the items from the booth with you, ie. a shell from the blue booth


Walk the Line
Attraction: People standing around a large cardboard square, painted with different coloured lines, holding ropes
Enter: Find a partner, pick a colour, get blind-folded
Engage: You are led by your partner, trying to maneuver through ropes
Exit: You complete the game, or give up
Extension: ?

Elbows Deep
Attraction: People from the group inviting you in, signs, mystery, curiosity
Enter: Choose a pesona to guide you (good guy or bad guy) then blind folded, countdown
Engage: Persona directs you to put your hand in dark concealed box
Exit: You discover whether or not you have put your hand in something good or bad
Extension: You may take your new discovery with you

Dear Diary
Attraction: Comfortable couches, recreates a living room
Enter: Sit down and read diary entries, input your own
Engage: Become part of the recreation, synthesis of reality, kind of performance art of sitting in a living room and writing in a diary
Exit: Finish reading/writing
Extension: Recall others’ diary entries

Crossed Word
Attraction: Large scale structure, visible puzzle challenge
Enter: Get a partner, talk through the cup phones
Engage: Together try to solve the crossword
Exit: Solve, or give up
Extension: Fill out questions posted on side of crossword and survey

DAA (Design Against Art)
Attraction: Posters, staged rally performance
Enter: Watch, participate, fill in petition
Engage: Take a badge/sign
Exit: Walk away, rally energy dies
Extension: Take a sign/badge with you, (ie. “Ontario College of Fart” badge), facebook page

Thought Pop
Attraction: Colourful structure (balloon flowers), loud music
Enter: Write a thought on a strip of paper, get a pin
Engage: Put your thought in a balloon, pop a balloon to read a though
Exit: Pin your thought aboard, leave
Extension: Take the thought with you

Chaordic Callabatorium
Attraction: Colourful facade, large booth design
Enter: Separated into two rooms, first room has images from magazines in collage, walk through curtain, see two words on a screen
Engage: Create your own word
Exit: Your 60s of time to invent a word is up
Extension: Choose two words for the next person

Attraction: Circus style tent, two people standing outside to greet you
Enter: You have a moment alone inside the tent with the large mechanical robot head
Engage: You press the button that says “Push me”
Exit: You take the card that pops out and leave
Extension: Open little envelope, read the card, keep it or recycle it

White Square
Attraction: A white outline of a square is situated discreetly on the floor, curiosity
Enter: Whether on purpose or by accident, you pass through the perimeters of the square, camera crew watch from all around and the team is directed to follow you
Engage: You are unwittingly stalked and followed through the great hall, you are approached and asked personal questions
Exit: You are given a card with website address and your reaction is filmed
Extension: You can later see yourself and others in candid photos and video captured by the White Square “paparazzi”, minimal profiles are also featured

Personality Box
Attraction: A voice talks, presumably from the random box on table, curiosity
Enter: The box starts a conversation, you approach the box
Engage: Two separate personalities (party animal and pick up artist) are situated one in the great hall, one in the smoking area, you may get to know these two personalities
Exit: Conversation ends or you ignore the box
Extension: Visit the website, see yours and others reactions

(Photo by Carson)


April 11, 2010

Ok, so for everyone on the documentation team, I’ve been setting up the site over the weekend. I still need the picture collages from Christine and any videos anyone else has put together.

Also, I’m trying to figure out where to put the feedback that a few people have posted on the blog. There are only like, 4, so should I bother making a page for it, or just post them on the guestbook comments section the site has?

PS. The website is up at Feel free to check it out and tell me anything that needs to be fixed or added.

Documentation Team!

April 9, 2010

I emailed the photos I took. They include the individual portraits of everyone and other things. Did I send it to the right email/ did you get it christine?

For those who acted as a persona

April 5, 2010

hey guys, for those of you who acted as a persona, thanks again for your great participation. I think it would be a good idea to have some documentation of that experience in our “extension”(website) if its not too much trouble could those who acted as a persona or even if not and you just want to share something from our activate experience please post it as a comment to this post, I as I’m sure many are probably curious as to how everyone thought the whole thing went.

Thanks again, Spencer!

party type

April 4, 2010

just a heads up, it isn’t a unisex persona because the voice actors are all guys so it was easier to just do it this way:

chad is your average university boy. first year in an undeclared major, he worked ‘hard’ to get into the best fraternity on campus by harrassing females and bullying other guys. his parents both made good money but at the expense of not getting to spend a lot of time home with their sons. as a result, chad and his brothers were left to play video games and go out to their friends’ houses late at night for parties deep in the ‘burbs. chad enjoys football, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee and beer pong, and he takes his sports very seriously. he also loves the concept of women, y’know, like, chicks that are HOT. certainly females are not multi-faceted and complex characters to chad, but his main squeeze is britney, and she doesn’t challenge chad’s idea of what chicks ‘are’. chad dresses to impress his bros, so names like tapout and ed hardy are a must. long shorts with birkenstocks and socks, pulled together with any sick branded shirt and baseball cap completes the ensemble. he also likes to make sure people know he’s tough, it’s what the meaning behind his ‘siq tribal armband tat’ is – strength. he loves family guy and ufc, cheap beer, smoking weed and working out. totally counter-productive activities to one another but hey, partying it up is where it’s at! when chad’s hair is visible due to a lack of baseball cap (very rarely), it is buzzed and sometimes even has a neat little design shaved into the sides – after tanning (either at the salon or beach) the design really pops. chad and his buddies enjoy broing out. this consists of watching the game, going to the gym, playing call of duty, sipping on natty ice and smoking up – getting belligerent at the bars and clubs comes afterwards. all in all, chad has a general disdain for school (he went to university for the frat parties), work (he lives off his mom and dad’s money afterall), intelligence (it threatens chad), and sophistication.
“niiiiice muscles, bro! no homo!” – could be too ~*controversial*~ to say at the event
“ay, that chick you’re with bro… she’s HOT”
“maaaaaaan… just pass me one more brew, bro”
“beer pong tourny later, you BETTER be there, bro!”
“bro, come check out my newest tat… see that? it means strength”
“let’s head to the park and blaze, man”
“bro, you lookin at my girl? you wanna try that again?! i got my buddies with me”
“bro did you SEE the fight last night between lidell and silva?! it was SICK!!!!”
“dude……………. what time is it?”
“dude, did you see last night’s family guy? friggen hilarious”

Activate! Site Plans

April 4, 2010

Please note that you have been assigned the 10′ x 10′ space in the Main Space labelled “Jesse #1” (I realize you’re also installing your units elsewhere in the school). This is a different space than I’ve shown you previously.

Activate! Logo (better late than never. . .)

April 4, 2010

Activate! Course Conflicts

April 4, 2010

Just so you know, Doug Panton sent the following message to all First Year instructors on March 29.


Good Morning,

This is just a reminder that you that all First Year Design students will be participating in their Annual ‘Activate’ event (all sections of with their Intro to Experience Design ) on Monday, April 5th from 8:30am to 6:00pm. The event starts at 8:30am and presentations begin 12:00pm to 3:00pm.  Please allow your students to attend this event, and many thanks.

Suggest that you email all of your students to verify any possible scheduling conflict and adapt where possible.


Doug Panton
Chair First Year
Faculty of Design
Room 570g
416.977.6000 x388

Princess persona so far…

April 3, 2010

This is the background for the princess persona, so far. If anyone is unsatisfied with it in any way, it can be changed. It is not a unisex persona, I gave the persona a name also, which can be kept or not… let me know what you think…

Princess Personality: Amy

Amy grew up in Oakville Ontario, and moved to a townhouse in downtown Toronto with her mom and dad when she was 12. She is now 17 years old, and is in grade 11. She has moved a few times in her life, but has always lived in a city. She lives in an expensive neighborhood. Both of her parents are well to do bankers, and are fairly wealthy. As a result of this, Amy grew up pretty much getting exactly what she wanted. She was very bossy as a child, and spoiled rotten, which she still is today. She doesn’t like it when she doesn’t get what she wants, or when things don’t go her way. She hates being criticized. Amy is an only child.

Amy is a complete suck up to her parents, especially to her dad. She has never worked a day in her life, and relays on her parents for spending money. She knows that sucking up will get her what she wants.

Amy is extremely picky about pretty much everything.

Amy likes to dress fashionably, and only shops in a handful of stores. She likes shopping for tops, and shoes (especially slippers).

She likes eating Chinese food, vegetable stir fries, hamburgers, some Indian food, but nothing that is too strange. She absolutely will not eat fish, clams, or shrimp because they look Icky.

Amy is very chit-chatty, and likes talking about herself. She spends most of her free time (which is a lot) with her friends.

Amy does well in school, and is quite serious about her education (partly because her parents push her to be), although she doesn’t really look like she is. Her best subjects are photography and English. She has no clue what she wants to be in the future, and tends to avoid thinking about important issues such as this. She would rather live in the “now”, and spend time with friends, than plan her future. Amy does not like science classes, especially biology as she had to dissect a worm once (it was a horrible experience).

Her favorite colours are bright orange, light pink, and lime green.

Amy doesn’t leave the city often, and thus does not experience nature very often outside of local city parks near her house. Because of this, she tends to have a fear of the unknown. She gets creped out, and scarred easily. She hates bugs, worms, fish, or any other creature that falls under the creepy or slimy category. She also is secretly scared of the dark (but she would never mention this to friends, or she would be teased). Amy hates it when friends scare her, because they know that she is easily scared.

Amy likes watching gossip shows and reading gossip magazines. She likes “Girly” music. Mostly pop music, but some hip hop sort of stuff, and electronic, too. Basically, music by female artists, that have a good beat/ catchy lyrics are a favorite: such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Mandy  Moore. She hates country music and metal music. She is not a big fan of movies, but watches music videos often.

Amy likes to look good; she wears lots of makeup, and is obsessed about her hair. She always has to wear an outfit that suits her mood, and takes a long time to decide on anything.

Amy is a nice girl, but she tends to not like/understand people who do not share her tastes in fashion. She has a tendency to make fun of people behind their backs, but she doesn’t intend to be mean. She is good at getting along with others, even if she doesn’t like them, so long as they don’t tick her off.

Amy spends A LOT of time with her friends. She likes to invite friends over to her house, or go to friends’ houses and chit-chat. She likes to hang around at malls, or downtown with her friends. She has a cell phone, and is always talking or text messaging someone. Amy also likes to sneak off to parties with her friends sometimes ( her parents don’t know this, and would not approve of it).

Amy likes to talk to her friends about:

–          T.V. shows that she likes/ gossip.

–          Life’s petty little problems. (she likes to blow things out of proportion, and exaggerate to make little things sound horrible.)

–          So and so said this, so and so said that.

–          The new slippers that she bought.

–          How awful school was today.

–          What her plans for the weekend are.


April 1, 2010

hi everyne the website has been created:
the account is
me and dani will work on the layout and adding files to the site, the look is temporary for now, however advertising group and build group if theres any promo pictures or images you want to be posted beofre the even let us know and we can include it on the website.

Important Note: Tech Issue and Meetup date.

April 1, 2010

Tech Issue: Both our webcams are PC only, this is okay because Skype is available on both operating systems XP/Vista and Mac, so perhaps we dont have to run it on just bring mac computers on Monday otherwise our webcams wont be recognized by mac OS.
Important Note:

We have that we are

meeting up on

Monday, April 5th at 8:30-

Activate Day- @ our usual

class. to make sure the

experience is running smoothly.

Everyone please be there.

location of boxes

March 29, 2010

i checked out the space outside the elevator that we discussed today, under the library, and there isn’t any plugs there,

but in the main building there are quite a few plugs outside the elevators that stop at every floor, for eg, the picture is on level 5, it has a plug right underneath the call button

Activate Narrative

March 29, 2010

ATTENTION ACTIVATE TEAM: Here is a rough draft of a concept I have devised

This concept is a narrative to help support the personas and give explanation as to why the talking objects are there. The personas now engage the audience on the basis that they are unaware they have been transformed into objects and are no longer human. The general idea here is to make a point about people being represented by what they purchase. By portraying low-brow characters as consumer objects we can illustrate the concept that we as people consume unnecessarily and appropriate the objects we purchase as trademarks of our identities. In the urban environment the appropriation of commercial brands into personal identity is common place, rarely do we consider the consequences.  You are what you consume.

The narrative is based on an idea of a spirit looking down and observing the imbalanced consuming habits of the human race.

The Spirit of human hunger realized there was an imbalance  in the human appetite for corporeal desires. The Spirit set forth to control the human race’s insatiable desire to horde and consume material goods. The Spirit decided to turn the worst and most insatiable consumers into that which they desire most! From the earth the spirit plucked three hungry little monsters and silenced their squeals with a wave of the hand. In an instant the hungriest consumers on earth were transformed into the products they desire most. Now they await the end of their punishment in the Great Hall at OCAD, unaware they have become objects of consumerism. They seek verification of their identities and request assistance from the audience.

prissy girl/princess/royalty

-same personality as originally discused

– represented by a Holt Renfrew bag

Royalty Persona: he/she wakes up in the body of a Holts bag

catch lines are used to engage the audience

1″Hey you, yoo hoo! Excuse me?”

2″Do You have a mirror I haven’t looked at myself all day?”

3″Somebody get me a mirror stat!”

4″Oh my god! I’m a pink bag!!!..Hey I look good in this colour!”

5″Can you take me shopping? I’m dying to get something from Holts!”

drunk/surfer/party animal

Party Animal Persona: he/she wakes up in the body of a 24 case of beer

-same personality as originally discussed

-represented by 24 case of beer

1″Oh man my head, what a hangover!”

2″Dude! Hey dude, can you get me a beer?”

3 Person tries to get beer from the 24 case…”Hey dude what are you doing?I said get me a beer not pull my ear!”

4 “Sick!!! I’m a case of beer!”

5 I’m gonna party tonight! Hey dude, wanna party?

romantic/pick-up artist/ the egotist

-represented by a bottle of cheap colonge

-same personality as discussed

Ego Persona: he/she wakes up in the body of a bottle of colonge

1″Hey good lookin”

2 “Wanna give me a hand, I wanna check out (my romantic possibilities) but I cant move!.. Person approaches and sprays perfume the bottle responds..

3 One minute I’m about to score the next minute i’m cheap cologne”

5″I buy like 5 bottles of perfume a week.”

This is not meant to change anything this is an expansion on the original ideas discussed in class.

Persona Team please get in touch with me 416 825 1400 Kirsten

Comments Please!

Tech update

March 29, 2010

List of must haves for Thurs. morning (10am in the 1st year workshop):

->2 more sets of speakers : ideally, we would like speakers that are powered by the computer, but we can take ones with an adapter. Consider your ipod speakers as well (ones that can be used on a computer)

->1 more mac compatible external web cam : So far we have 2 (one potential from Bailey and one for sure from Greg)

These items are needed for this date, because that is when the building of the platforms and boxes will take place. For that reason the size of each mobile unit must be considered.

Must haves in general:

-> 3 additional laptop computers with skype installed: these computers will be in the remote settings.

-> 2-3 extension cords : 2 for sure, will be used for the elevator and smokers pit boxes and 1 might be needed for the main hall.

This is a running list of specs, please comment on any other bits that I have forgotten. The list assumes that all the hardware requested comes with its own set of cords and whatnot .



Activate Job List

March 29, 2010

Build team with Promo team

3 things/stands exactly the same with base for object.

Greg is collecting necessary boxes and will be the liaison between the two groups

please post a list of all team members names to the post and photos or sketches of the

final design for both the stand and boxes.

Persona team:

please post team members names within your post

Burnout Drunk



Create a back story and go to list of conversation options

Tech Team:

have 3 setups ready, complete for interaction

create a master list of equipment for the day that encompases all situations. i.e. location issues, extension chords, chord bumpers etc.

make sure that all equipment is tested and functioning properly before hand.

list team members names within the blog post

Documentation Team:

get web site up and running by thursday of this week so that we are sure its ready for use.

disperse amongst the other groups and do your best to capture the process work individually

Persona people!!!

March 29, 2010

hey sorry I wasn’t in class today here is my email

please email me so that we can discuss what we are doing

i have posted my personas in the comments of the first posting

thanx a lot

– Dallas

Documentation Team

March 25, 2010

  • 2 HD video cameras have been reserved for April 5th.
  • plus we will be taking photographs with our own cameras.
  • 1 video camera will be brought into class monday morning, March 29th.
  • each one of the Documentation Team members will be responsible to record the progress of each team, including during Activate, so we will need each team to let us know when they are meeting, so we can be there to record:
  • Build Team : Rui
  • Promo Team : Christine
  • Persona Team : Dani
  • Tech Team : Ashcon
  • we are setting up a website that will be used for the extension part of this project
  • promo team can use it to promote the event
  • we will highlight each team and it’s members, with video and pics.
  • we will also give a page for each box persona, the promo and persona teams can provide the content.
  • we will have a video highlighting the process, and one for the event itself, where we will record the interaction of the crowd with the boxes and interview some people.
  • we will also take photographs throughout the process and of the boxes to be used in a portfolio.
  • photographs will also be kept in Flickr and video on Vimeo for future access.

Bailey Henderson

March 24, 2010

Is the promo team each bringing in two sketches of the box, or two modles of the box?

Project 3 Activate: Due for Monday March 29 8:30am

March 24, 2010

Build Team:

Bring in a list of materials/equipment that are cheap recyclable, environmentally friendly or reclaimed (suggestions), budget, cost of materials, examples(physical materials), must have knowledge of working with material, things to keep in mind: sound quality, ease of construction, costs

Promo Team:

Please bring in two sketch models from each group member of box design, some time in class to decide which building materials are best, keep in mind: idea of box is guideline other forms are appropriate

Documentation Team:

Please bring video equipment (film and photography) to document the  duration of Monday’s class, be prepared to take written notes and provide summary of that class

Tech Team:

Please bring in working model of technology, (computer and speakers, microphone, camera, video), camouflage not necessary for Monday but should be thought out for final design

Persona Team:

Please bring to class two developed personas for each group member, and be prepared to act it out, remember to keep audience engaged and attracted to “box”

Please complete the work that you are currently affiliated with.

If you have any questions or comments please post them to this blog entry with your name included.

Hope you are as excited about the Activate project as we are!

See you Monday!

Coordinators: Kirsten, Matt, Spencer

Activate Teams

March 22, 2010

In today’s class the decision was made to combine the two ideas of the talking box and animate elevator. The two concepts have been combined  and will produce the installation we submit as a class to the Activate event.

These are the teams for the Activate project decided on Monaday the 22nd. These teams may change accordingly.

Coordinators will be meeting (Kirsten, Matt, Spencer),  Check the Blog on Wed 24th for an update on the project

PROMO – Tasks include: designing box, promoting day-of (Have you noticed the talking boxes?), set up, web design and postings

Team Members: Sean, Sara, Bailey, Iva, Braden, Milka

DOCUMENTATION – Tasks include: creating extension, Filming, Editing, capturing ractions

Teman Members: Dani, Ashton, Rui, Christine

TECH – Tasks include: making a budget, finding equipment resources, logistics of interactive communication, set up

Team Members: Carson, Nick, Ivan, Catt

PERSONAS – Tasks include: developing various characters for the interactions, writting script guidlines (phrases), research/gather info on the kind of persona being created, speaking/performing

Team Members: Dallas, Lianna, Angela, Yan

BUILD – Tasks include: construction, the boxes, the housing for the communication devices in elevator, conceal camera

Team Members: Andrew, Felix, Greg, Anna

Project 3 Activate: Rui, Felix, Christine, Spencer, Sean. (Personality Box)

March 22, 2010

Attraction: As the participant nears the booth a hidden camera shows the participant on a screen in another room separate from the room of the interaction. there is a speaker and a microphone concealed within the box. Then a member of our group from the observation room uses another microphone to speak through the speaker inside of the box hollering out some sort of generic greeting to start a conversation.

Entry: The interaction begins when the participant realizes that it is they whom the box is speaking to and responds to the box beginning the conversation.

Engagement: The box then asks the participant questions in hopes of stirring up conversation, observations, actions, reactions or  opinions of the participant allowing the participant to respond to the box as if it were a person.

Exit: The box then politely ends the conversation and the participant moves on to the rest of the activate program.

Extension: The film footage that was recorded from the live video feed is then viewed and then edited into a video highlighting some of the more interesting or informative aspects of the interaction.

Project 3: Bailey, Sarah, Ivan, Iva, K.

March 21, 2010

Information Scroll Experience

1. Rob enters a space. He sees a video of street scenes, which is being projected onto a scrolling canvas. He notices that there is also music playing. Rob is curious and comes closer. He notices that behind the canvas there is someone peddling a bicycle, who is powering the scrolling canvas.

2. Rob notices the large sign, which invites him to draw what the video and music make him feel, using markers that are provided.

 3. Rob draws on the scrolling canvas, and takes delight in the strange and exciting experience of drawing on a moving surface that also has a projection on it. Rob can then step back and see how his drawing becomes a moving part of the film and music.

 4. The person peddling the bicycle can see the images produced by Rob, as they rotate around, and can get a sense of how Rob interprets the music and video. Rob and the person on the bike can switch places to experience the event in different ways.

Groceries Storyboard

March 21, 2010

Storyboard for the groceries experience

project three: Dallas MacWilliam

March 16, 2010

Project Three: Six Possibilities

March 16, 2010

You have chosen eight ideas that demonstrate promise as compelling interactive experiences for the Activate! event. You have also been assigned small groups charged with the task of propelling these ideas forward. These ideas and groups are as follows.

For next week, please prepare the following.

1) A fully specified experience. In your groups, re-read the project brief, and contemplate your assigned idea. Brainstorm variations on the idea, and develop a fully specified iteration of the idea that best suits the constraints described in the project brief: limited budget, material flows, intuitive functionality, temporal sequencing and site specificity. Explicitly account for how your iteration satisfies the five phases of a compelling experience: Attraction, Entry, Engagement, Exit and Extension.

2) A storyboard of your fully specified experience. Make a storyboard that outlines your new iteration. Post the storyboard to the blog, and annotate it (i.e. describe with text) with any important details. This storyboard will necessarily be more elaborate than the ones you prepared individually. Bring a physical copy of the storyboard to class.

2) A role-play of your fully specified experience. Come to next class prepared to role play your new storyboard: act it out for us. Bring any props and equipment you might require. Engage your colleagues: they can take part in your role-play too.

This is effectively a competitive exercise. May the best idea, that is the most convicingly storyboarded and role played, win us over.


March 15, 2010

1) A chalk board is left in an open, outdoor space with the simple instruction written on it, “Draw…”.

2) Steve sees this particular object in this random area and comes closer to inspect it. He sees the word, “draw” and is mystified.

3) Steve draws a circle and walks away. He wonders who would do such a stupid thing.

4) Another individual walks by the chalk board and also anaylzes its simple instruction. They add to Steve’s drawing and walking away thinking who would do such a stupid thing.

Project 3-Part 1

March 15, 2010

 1. Light-up wine glasses, in different colours, filled with water are placed on the table.

2. Mike sees them and wants to know what are they for.

3. He puts his finger in the water first, and then starts circiling his finger around the top of the glass to make music.

4. After playing the music he leaves happy,and takes his light-up glass with him.

Wine glasses…

Experience of a video game third person view.

March 15, 2010

short video-

Project 3:Activate Storyboard

March 15, 2010

Project Three: Mystery Cultures

March 15, 2010


1. Table with assorted foods from several cultures. Dave  waits.

2. Dave is blindfolded,  now with heightened anticipation/fear without knowing

what they will be taste testing. [ Person will be warned of any allergies]

3.  Person takes the plunge.

4. Dave takes feedback and reviews his experience.

He is photographed, before and after the product is tested.

4. After experience, he looks at the and sees how everyone elses’ before and after.

Project 3

March 15, 2010

3 copy

Project 3: Activate Green

March 15, 2010

(Click thumbnail above to see full image.)

1) Steve sees a table of refreshments and snacks readily prepared (on recyclable containers).

2) Steve picks up a cup and drinks from it.

3) Steve spots a nearby garbage can and forgets to look for the recycling bin.

4) He tosses his (recyclable) cup in the garbage…

5) A loud blaring buzzer sounds and surprises Steve and he notices the large projection of the contents of the garbage can versus the recycling…

Project 3 – Catt Muwanga

March 15, 2010

Activate LEGACY

Our day to day lives are spent capturing bits of the here and now. Activate LEGACY takes even the simplest message and presents it in an unavoidable format. The need to document (no matter the personal importance of the message) can be a form of legacy. Once words and sentiments have been formed  and set, its up to those that follow to make of them what they will.

Project 3: Activate-K

March 15, 2010

1.Set up green screen and TV

2.Users set in position

3.Messenger sends non-verbal message to the actor. Actor receives message from non-verbal communication

4.Actor reacts to the messengers communication and acts with the image on the green screen.

This active activity is called IMPROVE, basically there are two people involved. The set up is a television and a green screen. Where one person is facing the TV and the screen while the other person cannot see the TV but is in front of the screen. The first person is the messeger, this person’s goal is to send a non-verbal message to the other person in front of the green screen to connect the improved scenario background. The other person is the actor who can talk and move but cannot see the TV screen, so he/she cannot understand what is shown in the green screen. Basically the point is to make the random background fit in with the actors’ movement. As an example a vacation screen which can involve the actor to dance in a Hawaiian ceremony.

Project 3 Part 1 – Sean Collins

March 15, 2010

Multiple televisions are displaying the experience of brushing your teeth, while speakers play the sounds. This all plays on a loop throughout the event. People find this interesting and enter the environment to investigate.

They observe the televisions, and then begin to notice the large canvas/paper near by.  Toothbrushes and paints are situated around the perimeters. People make the connection that the brushes are tools for painting.

People begin applying paint in interesting fashions. The variety of brushes and colours create a visually interesting colleague of imagery.

The work is then disassembled and passed out among students and faculty. The television displays are returned.

Project3 : activate, Felix Chan

March 15, 2010

  1. Bob enters a fitness center and stands in front of a machine.
  2. He fills in his information of age, gender, weight, and height.
  3. System starts calculating and show the result of plan of muscle training and body fitness.
  4. Bob follows the instruction and start exercising.

Project 3: Activate. Spencer Bryant-Longo

March 15, 2010

1. Users walk up to the booth and enter their gender’s area.

2. Once inside the user will find both a blank pad and pencil for writing and a basket filled with sheets of paper with likes written by the opposite gender. The booth will state that you write a quality that you find attractive in the opposite sex. The like does not have to be physical, it could be emotional, spiritual, anything, even a particularly good experience.

3. Once done writing the note the writer then slides the note through the slot on the wall. The writer can then take time to read likes written by the opposite sex, with a sort of trading secrets with the enemy espionage feel to it.

4. baskets get filled by the opposite booth and once the day is done information on what similarities and differences between the two genders’ likes and dislikes can be compared and contrasted.

Project 3-activate instinct- Irakliy K. (Ivan)

March 15, 2010

Rob has approached a table where he finds a pair of ear plugs and a sleeping mask. He takes them and puts them on, as he is being explained what he has to do in order to get the reword. He then is accompanied by a fellow student that is responsible to make sure he doesn’t get hurt, as he tries to make his way to a location in the building. His goal is to reach that location while being deprived of the sense of sight and hearing. He experiences the difficulty of finding his way safely to the location and ends up in a completely different place of the school, after his time is up. He gets to keep his sleeping mask and earplugs and still gets a little reward as a prize.

project three-Yan Zeng

March 14, 2010

The Art of Recycling

1 student A and Student B have an empty can and some wasted paper need to get rid of.

2 they found the table of Art of Recycling. where people glue or stick their recycling things such as empty cans or scrap paper.

3 student A stick her empty can in wherever she want.

4 the Art of Recycling can be formed when people stick an item on. it helps people to cooperate collecting recycling garbage, and experience the interaction of making art work.

Project 3 Activate! Greg McRoberts

March 14, 2010

project three: activate

March 14, 2010

beat on the street

1. there is a booth with instrumental music playing.

2. the curious student enters the booth and notices instructions on what to do with the stack of strips of paper: the individual paper at the top of the table is the previous student’s sentence, the black strip of paper is for them to write on. they notice pictures of the city also on the table and read they are to write a sentence about how living in the city makes them feel.

3. after writing the sentence they pick up the previous paper and slip it through the slot, leaving their own sentence as inspiration for the next student.

4. on the other side, the sentences fall to a different table where others are putting the papers in what they think is the most cohesive way possible.

5. five sentences at a time, students can sing/rap/etc what others have written along with the music, noticing how their experiences of urban living interact.

Matt Williams: Project 3

March 14, 2010

Social Information – Braden Mangione

March 14, 2010

Two-way Surveillance

1. Audrey lines up for an activity with no name.

2. Others follow her assuming that the activity will be interesting and start soon. None of them know they are being videotaped from above, and are being watched from another room in the school.

3. Blaze watches the picture these over cameras are capturing and comments on how nice Audrey looks that day. His voice is immediately, without him knowing, projected from above into the Great Hall.

4. Audrey, noticing a loud voice talking about her, looks around for who has said this remark. Blaze, realizing he has been heard, vacates the room hoping Audrey won’t recognize his voice.

Project three:Bailey Henderson

March 13, 2010

Activate Concept: Packaging Design

The photo is hard to read, this is what it says:

1. Joe enters a space.  He realizes that

the space appears to be an isle of a

convenience store; however all of

the packages on the shelves are

blank.  Joe finds the space strange.

2. Joe discovers that there is a stand with

markers and directions. He approaches

the stand, and reads the directions.

3. The directions invite Joe to design his

own packaging. He grabs a package

from the shelf, and draws on it with

the markers.

4. Joe puts his package back on the shelf,

and begins to think about the impact

that packaging and advertisement has

on his life.

Project Three: User Scenario Storyboards

March 8, 2010

In the second stage, you will each develop one experience for presentation to the class. This presentation will take the form of a user scenario storyboard: a graphical narrative of the experience through the senses of one or more specific persona(s).

“In a sense, scenarios are prototypes built of words. Scenarios are, at their heart, simply stories – stories about what it will be like to use the product or service once it has been made. The protagonists of these stories are the personas. Using a scenario, designers can place their personas into a context and further bring them to life. Indeed, scenarios are one of the factors that make personas worth having. Running through the same scenario using different personas is an excellent technique for uncovering what needs to be included in the final product. . . . Once a scenario and sketches have been created to show what a product or service could be like, designers can create a storyboard (figure 5.10) to help illustrate the product or service in use. Storyboarding is a technique drawn from filmmaking and advertising. Combining a narrative with accompanying images, designers can powerfully tell a story about a product or service, displaying its features in a context.”

(from Designing for Interaction)

For next class, propose an experience that would be appropriate for Project Three. Storyboard the user scenario experience: a graphical narrative of the experience through the senses of one or more specific persona(s). You may use the personas we began to develop in Class 8, or you may develop your own. Your graphics may be hand or computer drawn. It is likely though not essential that your storyboard include text; like a cartoon or graphic novel, your storyboard must narrate itself. Post your storyboard, as well as any necessary supporting information (sketches, personas) to the blog by 08:30 on Monday, March 15, and bring a hard copy of your storyboard to class. We will be reviewing each of your storyboards as a springboard to our collective development of a single proposition.

Your individual storyboards will form a significant proportion of your mark for Project 3.

Project Three: Activate!

March 8, 2010

Click here to download Project Three: Activate!