Exercise Eight: Matt, Aschon, Kierstan, Bailey and Catt

February 18, 2010

The Designophile

Name: Sebastian

Occupation:  Design Student

Dreams:   In ten years, Sebastian would like to be a design consultant in a major design firm in New York. For now, he uses his critical eye in his day to day life in preparation.

Style: Designer jeans (a good cut is key), quality shoes, and various vintage finds for everything else.

Food & Beverages: Sushi and Starbucks

Home: Converted loft in the Distillery district

Shopping Adventures: Sebastian has a deep appreciation for the (authentically) vintage look, with an emphasis on the quality of construction. Otherwise, he would grace stores such as morba, klaus and anything on King St. E.

Dislikes: Sebastian loathes knock-offs, bad design and PCs.

Mode of Transportion: A Pashley or Bianci bicycle

Personality: Sebastian is very much approachable, but is often considered a snob within his inner circle of friends. He makes sure to educate himself on just about everything, towards defining his own design aesthetic. You could call him a Jack-of-all-Trades, because of his interests are all over the board. One thing that remains certain is Sebastian’s commitment to design and all things design.

Music: Sebastian listens to just about anything that has an eye catching album cover. He collects vinyl records that he displays in cases around his open-concept loft.

Favorite Websites: designboom.comstyle.comdwell.com

Exercise Eight: Andrew, Angela, Felix, Rui

February 18, 2010


Don’t forget to check out Max’s Facebook page. Feel free to add him as a friend, he’s always open to make more hipster friends.


Name: Max Jones
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Martial Status: Single
Income: $20/week allowance
Occupation: First year design student
Major: Working towards Bachelor of Design, MAAD at Ontario College of Art and Design
Religion: Taoism
Politics: Green Party


Max lives with his parents in Milton but he is dying to move downtown, preferably somewhere on Queen St. West. In the meanwhile, he takes the GO train to Union Station where he has a bike conveniently parked outside and he bikes to school from there. Hey, a hipster’s gotta do what a hipster’s gotta do.


In order to achieve his hipster look, Max spends two hours flipping and spraying his hair before he completes the desired just-got-out-of-bed coif, only to wear a tuque over it afterwards. Complete with freshly grown facial hair and a tattoo in sanskrit (he doesn’t actually know what it means), Max [thinks he] is the essence of effortless cool.


Being an avid enthusiast of the latest fashion trends, Max takes weekly trips to the downtown scene to keep up with his other hipster friends. Though he claims to have bought most of his vintage finds at Value Village and Goodwill, the truth is that Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and the Kensington market are, in fact, among his favourites places to shop. Ironically, Max spends a lot of [his parents’] money in order to look like he has none. He wears what seems to be the same outfit consisting of tight jeans, converses, plaid shirts, and thick framed glasses (he already has 20/20 vision) everyday despite his lavish collection of hipster buys. See image above.


Max lives the vegan lifestyle. He is an addict to his all time favourite restaurant – Fresh. Having tried all the dishes there, he’s chosen the following as his top picks: the Green Destiny salad, the Curried Red Lentil Stew with Zucchini and Sage, the Magic Tofu wrap, and the Beet Root frappe. Last but not least, Max cannot live a single day without his almond milk latte.


A huge fan of the independent music scene, Max loves buying tickets for concerts especially for bands he’s never heard of. A couple bands he’s been into lately are: the Metros, Danger, Explosions in the Sky, God Is An Astronaut, Fleet Foxes, If These Trees Could Talk, M83, and White Lies. Although the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sigur Ros were once his passion, he has since abandoned them after the two bands went mainstream.


Lookbook.nu – To check out the latest hipster trends
Facebook.com – Without Facebook to catch up on the latest news, Max is nothing!


More than anything else, Max tries to avoid the mainstream. Being a hipster, Max is always trying to discover the latest in indie music, television shows, movies, everything indie but he is not always successful (he shops at Urban Outfitters, ha). Among the most hatest on his list are CHUM FM and Virgin radio stations, the suburbs, sports, Starbucks, smoking, and GAP.

ExErCiSe 8: Nic, Ivan, Yan Zeng May

February 17, 2010


“When life gives you lemons make lemonade, silly.”


Age: 36

Heritage: Born in Canada, however, her mom is Irish and her father is Italian

Residence: A respectable home in the sub urbs of Toronto which she shares with her husband, Dave                                                          

Occupation: Human Resource specialist 

Income: $65000 (Go to school kids it really helps!)

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Advertising, Minor in Graphic Design. As you can see she attened OCAD back in the day

What floats Ida’s boat: Arts and Crafts, cooking shows like “the Travelling chef”, chocolate, shopping for expensive, designer brand clothing, exercise, her husband of course, happy people (shes such a people person), loves to cook exotic dishes like pad thai and kal bee, her favourite movie “Maid in Manhattan” and loves to listen any music but really has a soft spot for 80’s classics like Duran Duran

What sinks Ida’s battle ship: people with BAD or GROUCHY attitudes, poorly cooked food, heart burn, bad hair days but other then that shes pretty much always happy

Exercise Eight – Sean, Greg, Lianna, Anna

February 17, 2010

Name: Audrey Hepburn

Age: Audrey is a twenty-year-old fashionista who has had many years to develop her sense of style. Though dressing to fit with current trends, she always pushes boundaries and brings new ideas to the table. Her many years in the fashion world back up her unique looks.

Major: Audrey is studying material art and design at OCAD, she is currently in her second year.

Style, Stores, Often Seen: Audrey’s sense of style could be characterized as a look from the past. She is very into vintage entire, however, keeping it classy. She often shops in big cities such as Toronto, New York, etc, never in malls. Her favorite store would have to be her grandmother’s closet, markets, secondhand clothing stores, or newer specialty boutiques. Walking the streets she would often be seen in small venues such as independent café’s, local bars (never clubs), school, or her old downtown house.

Music: Audrey is right into the underground music scene and often goes to shows at local bars. It has been a long time since she’s turned the radio on and listened to anything mainstream. Instead her iPod is a perfect resource of music for her.

Colour: All time favorite is bold red, makes her stand out no matter what the article of clothing. As for other colours, she has no particular issues, she just goes with what is declared “in-season”. Orange is the only colour she can’t pull off because of her fair skin-tone.

Hobbies: Audrey enjoys social networking, photography and designing her own clothes. Photography helps her show off her new looks on various art-sharing websites. Social networking helps her be inspired from various looks all over the work.

Diet: The dietary requirements of the fasionista are constantly in a state of flux as she tries to keep up with the latest diet trends. One week it’s no carbs, and another week it’s all a out the vegitarianism. When at home the fasionista usualy prepairs quick pre fabricated foods as she lacs the skills to make herself a good nutritious meal, she usualy saves her cooking prowes until guests are in the picture. Whatever the diet, she is always trying to acheive the “perfect figure” to fit the latest fashion trends.

Personality: Audrey isn’t outright pretentious, but she has the ability to make you feel underdressed in a matter of seconds. She is the girl that guys want, and the girls look up to. She is also down to earth, and has a great sense of humour.

Websites: DeviantArt and flickr for user created photography. She uses livejournal for checking different scans that people upload, such as european vogue. Lookbook is where she posts her own photography and different outfits to be voted by other users.

Friends: Audrey’s closest friends consist of other fashionistas. They shop together, and attend trendy, edgy fashion shows together. However, Audrey is able to mingle with the artsy-fartsies as they appreciate her love for photography and composition, although they don’t always dress as nice (paint-stained clothes can only go so far). She will also step into the designophile cirlce occasionally.

Marital Status: Audrey, like many fashionistas, is single. This is not to say that she is not desired, but the opposite. Males around Audrey feel “out of her league” and are therefore too nervous to attempt to leave the “friend zone”. The males with a fashion sense comparable to Audrey’s are usually gay and consequently uninterested in her, but provide themselves as excellent critics and shopping buddies.

Image Reference:

– Elinkan (flickr User)

Exercise Eight – Spencer, Sarah, Braden, Dallas

February 13, 2010

The Travel Enthusiast (because he goes on so many trips)

“Quit harshin my buzz, maaaaannn.”

Age: 21 (would be legal everywhere, if what he does was legal)
Location: In between basements and small apartments occupied by several others who share his interests.
Occupation: Dish washer, busboy, or cook, behind the scenes at a small restaurant where he can ‘chill’ all day.
Income: Minimum wage.
Education: Could have finished high school, but he doesn’t remember. “That was so many hits ago dude.”

Interests and Preferences:
Hobbies: Experimenting with organic and non-organic mind-altering substances, shopping for new substances and finding new ways in which to use them, including shopping for new devices with mouth pieces and an opening one can hold a lighter up to.
Clothing: earth tones, brown or beige garments made of hemp or other naturally occurring fibers. Often imitating Rastafarian dress with beanies and the colors of the Jamaican flag, often adorned with buttons and iron-on patches with textual or visual references to drug culture (i.e. the pot leaf).
Diet: absolutely anything available at the time, snacks that are available at 24 hour convenience stores tend to make up the bulk due to the un-restricted eating schedule that occurs during the day.
Music: anything to do with Bob Marley and other reggae bands with similar sound, ska, reggae dub, Pink Floyd, and ‘stoner metal’ bands like Isis and Earth. His own music often within a inner city park or shaded area on a djembe or bongo drum accompanied by either chants or unskillfully played acoustic guitar is also a large part of his taste.
Entertainment: Movies that can have psychadelic music dubbed over the original soundtrack to “enhance the watching experience”, Television also provides enough stimulation and certain shows like robot-chicken and family guy are particular favourites.

other ‘travel enthusiasts’ as it is easier for them to relate to those who have the same appreciation for the same things and can partake in similarly enjoyed activities, “good weed”, friendly drug dealers, cookies, chips, vegan nachos from Sneaky Dee’s.
Hates: ‘The Man’,  bad weed, rude drug dealers, things that move really fast.

Common Phrases: “DUDE!”, “BRO”, “Pass the dutchie on the left hand side.”, “Two toke pass”, “Got any papes?”, and many uncompleted sentences like: “hey man have you seen the new movie with… umm…” or “what if we are actually like, a little tiny like, um, thing, that’s part of a… um. Nevermind.”

Exercise Eight: OCAD Student Personas

February 8, 2010

“Personas (figure 5.8) are a documented set of archetypal people who are involved with a product or a service. . . . To create a persona, designers find a common set of behaviours or motivations among the people they have researched. This becomes the basis for the persona, which should be given a name, a picture, and a veneer of demographic data to make the persona seem like a real person.”

(from Dan Saffer, Designing for Interaction, 89-119)

In groups of four, generate one detailed persona from the list we generated in class. As per the example above, your persona must consists of a name, an image and a “veneer of demographic data.” This data provides the detail that helps make the persona seem like a real person. Provide at least twelve facts about your persona, including the answers to the following questions.

  • What do they wear?
  • What do they eat?
  • What do they listen to?
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they love?
  • What do they hate?

Post your persona to the blog; remember to include the names of all the members of your group in your post.

Exercise Eight is due at 14:00 on Thursday, February 18.