March 16, 2010

My name is Kirsten, I’m in the Environmental Design program. My goal is to work in urban planning or something along the lines of affordable housing.
I am well versed in iMovie, but have a lot to learn with programs like illustrator.

Introduction: Christine Carmen Chow

January 18, 2010

987987987picture-155                         Hi everyone! Nice to meet you, my name is Christine Chow, and  calling me Christine is just fine.


I am in the Material Art and Design Program at OCAD


10 years into the future, I see myself  doing textile and fashion design. I would like to work for many big companies, travel around the world and maybe have my own brand someday. I might also do work associated with graphic design, photography, film, or jewelry. I have many interests in the arts including performing arts as well.

I would say I HAVE NO CLUE with technologies. I find them confusing and rather not work with complex computer programs.  However I believe I am alright at working with simple photoshop, video edits, and using cameras/cellphones/ipod etc.


That’s a little about me, and I’m looking forward to start this semester with all of you!! =)

Introduction: Andrew Markell

January 18, 2010


Introduction: Nic Napolitano

January 17, 2010

Hey I’m Nic Napolitano and currently studying Industrial Design.

In ten years from now, I wish to hopefully become a successful automotive designer with my own firm. For a specific example would be the legendary car designer Chip Foose, who already attains my dream job and life.  To be honest, I can never think that far in advance because my life, my ideas and interests are always changing. That’s why I took industrial design because the field is vast. Plus, there nothing better then studying something you actually like in school!

Technology and me have a touch and go realtionship if you will. I able to use the basic programs such Word, Power Point, etc. I have attempted photoshop, however I have a very basic knowledge of the program and I am somewhat familiar with AutoCAD. Beside that, technology has never been my strong point. My strong point is more in hands on work. I am amateur welder and fabricator and I am constantly experimenting with new do it yourself projects at home such as go karts, mini bikes, steel stands, etc. I love to build stuff!!

Introduction: Yan Zeng

January 16, 2010

Hi my name is Yan Zeng, just call me Yan.


My major in OCAD is graphic design…..

In 10 years I think I may be a graphic designer work in a studio for company or for my own?..I dont really know yet.

Since I work in a printing company as graphic designer for a year, I feel this is job for me to do ..take phone call, get the case, design the business card flyers posters signs banners…..

It was SLOW AND SUCH A COMFORTABLE  job!!…But after study in OCAD, I start to know my weakness and there s a lot need to learn, not just the skill on opperating softwares.

During my work I learned how to use software such as Adobe photoshop, illustration , InDesign, coredraw, Micorsoft office word ,excel, etc…..

my level on using them?…scale of 10…superman!  XD

joking. arround 5-6. never use mac before, i just got a mac pro last month…i guess i ll figure it out sooner or later…

Introduction: Anna Pavlenko

January 16, 2010

Hullo there.

My name is Anna Pavlenko.

Anna is fine by me

[But please, don’t limit yourself there]

I’m studying the ways of Graphic Design.

I see myself starting a family in 10 years. Hopefully not being dependant on

my parents. Working for a firm, as a Creative Director, with intentions of soon to work

for myself, running my own business. As well as traveling a lot,

I don’t like being stuck in one area for too long.

Im self taught in Photoshop, which is accompainied

by my Wacom tablet. Illustrator skills are weak [curse you Pen Tool~!].

Have general knowledge in iMovie. Experience with Canon SLR.

Good with both Mac and Windows opperating systems.

Word, Excel and Powerpoint

are a-okay.


Introduction : Felix Chan

January 15, 2010


My name is Felix . I am enrolled in advertising.

I would like to involve in advertising within these 10 years

and try to open a advertising or PR company with my friends

after we have enough experience and money to support our career

The technologically problems which I want to improve

Is to learn more program and software like

Illustrator, In-design and photoshop.

Introduction: Rui Felix

January 13, 2010

the passport reads rui jorge dias felix but you can call me rui


i’m enrolled in the environmental design program

10 years ago

took graphic design & advertising at humber college but dropped out after the third semester.  spent the next 10 years working, traveling and enjoying life in general.  but what i came to learn was that unless you are working in something you are passionate about you will live a miserable life.  so i quit my job and here i am at OCAD following my passion: ART & DESIGN

10 years from now

i hope to be working in an Architecture firm focusing on URBAN SUSTAINABLE DESIGN.  i also would like to create my own furniture line and do other creative projects such as photography and product design.

as for ADOBE software i was comfortable with it 10 years ago but now have to learn it all again, also want to learn AUTOCAD and REVIT in the next year.



Into: Kim Kyung Hyun, K

January 13, 2010

Kim Kyung Hyun K Read the rest of this entry »

Introduction to Greg McRoberts

January 12, 2010


     I am 36, and am enrolled in the Industrial Design program. I am an artist by intrest, and a welder and sheet metal worker by trade. I have worked on some architectural installations that include water features, elevators, and exterior cladding on buildings here in Toronto. I have also worked on contracts for the TTC making elevator cladding, gates for turnstiles, and battery boxes for the top of a hybrid bus and other various parts.  I also work as a bicycle mechanic, but hope to get work in my field of study soon.

    If I could say where I would like be in 10 years, I would like to be involved with architecture in some form, or perhaps designing intelligent products that are more intuitive. Furniture also interests me. i grew up as the son of a carpenter and have an excellent aptitude to both design my Ideas, and bring them to life. I have always used my hands to be creative, both in life and work.

     have a fairly basic understanding of computers. I don’t like them and find computers to be quite frustrating, I hope a Mac changes my mind. I see their value and realize I must bend to the will of the machine to achieve my potential. I didn’t have a computer till  about 5 years ago. They just weren’t interesting enough to me, and in many ways still aren’t, I also don’t trust it. So I fumble my way through it. I prefer things with moving parts that are more predictable.

   I am sure we will get to know each other well. See you around!


Introduction: Angela Vuong

January 12, 2010


My name is Angela Vuong.

(But I also respond to, “Hey you!”)

I am currently majoring in Graphic Design.

Let me start off by saying I’m probably the single most indecisive person to ever exist so asking me to choose the path to the rest of my life is like the kiss of death.  Not saying that I’m not a hard worker but sometimes I wish I would just be dropped out of a plane (or some type of flying object), land on a job, and work my behind off from there on.  Although I know I belong somewhere in the creative field, I’m not sure how I feel towards graphic design at the moment so here’s hoping that OCAD will point me in the right direction.  In ten years, I, in fact, want to be working in the advertising field.

Or as a screenwriter/creative writer! 

(Ha, tricked you!  And you thought I actually had my mind made up for once…)

As for my comfort with technology, it’s safe to say that on the software literacy scale, I’m a bit closer to “I-don’t-have-a-stinking-clue”.  I have a decent amount experience in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign but nothing else beyond that.

Thank you for reading.  I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!

Introduction: Dallas MacWilliam

January 12, 2010

My name is Dallas MacWilliam, and, no i have never been to Dallas Texas.

you can call me Dal or Dallas, its up to you.

I am in Illustration and would love to be a part of creating a graphic novel.

I have also worked behind the scenes in small plays and hope to work in film doing special effects makeup.

You could say I’m some what “technologically challenged” when it comes to computers, ipods, even cell phones. it is one of my small goals to never own a cell phone.

I am always willing to accept help in the technologically advanced portions of this course, and cant wait to get to know you all.

introduction: sarah holmes

January 12, 2010

sarahi’m sarah holmes. i was accepted into the illustration program, but i’m also hoping to minor in something else next year after seeing everything the school has to offer first hand (maybe jewelry/ metalsmithing). this is my first year in post-secondary education.

to be honest, becoming a successful illustrator in ten years seems a bit idealistic, but probably doable. at that point i imagine i’ll be building up a portfolio, working under someone else and with clients building an excellent image for myself, perhaps doing a few larger jobs and being well on my way to becoming “successful”. i’d like to say i can see having my own studio with regular clients and many new opportunites coming my way, working on a wide range of projects (most importantly my own ideas), but we’ll see.

i’m comfortable with photoshop and have illustrator, flash, in design, dreamweaver and fireworks however i haven’t had time to focus attention on any of the programs so i look forward to learning. i also know powerpoint and i have experience with both film and digital photography.

i like making friends, so like everyone else has said: i look forward to spending the semester with you guys and getting to know everyone.

Introduction: Dani Kuindersma

January 12, 2010

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

(if you can’t pronounce that don’t sweat it, not many can)
I would preferred it if you referred to me as DANI

I am in
And I’m hoping to apply for a minor in creative writing
Once I figure out how minors actually work

In 10 years I would love to be working as a
Getting paid just enough to have a small apartment
And hopefully a fridge full of food

When it comes to technology
I would say I have a
Level of understanding
I can use office programs in my sleep
But when it comes to Adobe software
I’ve only ever become familiar with Photoshop
Dabbling in Dreamweaver and Flash along the way

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you
And hopefully you all feel the same

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Introduction: Bailey Paige Henderson

January 12, 2010

Hello, my name is Bailey, and I am enrolled in OCAD’s illustration program.

 I am interested in becoming an illustrator for children’s books, and in 10 years time I can see myself doing this, or something similar. I definitely want to become an illustrator, because illustration is what I love to do, and it is what I am the most talented at.

Technology, on the other hand, is not something that I am very good with. I have not had a lot of experience with technology, therefore my knowledge of it is somewhat lacking. I have had some experience using film and digital cameras, as well as Photoshop, but I am no expert. And, I have a basic understanding of computers. Everything else is new to me, but it’s about time that I learn.

Introduction: Catherine Nabulime Muwanga

January 12, 2010


Hello, my name is Catherine, but I’d prefer to be called Catt. I’m taking Illustration at OCAD.

I have a general degree in Biology from Queen’s University in Kingston and would like to pursue a career in scientific/biomedical illustration. I chose OCAD, because I want get a chance to explore other types illustration versus going to a program that caters, specifically, to scientific renderings. I love both science and art and I want to create children’s books about science and nature with lots of beautiful pictures.  In ten years, I plan to be a freelance illustrator, with a couple books under my belt.

I have a general knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash and would like to learn alot more. I am almost an expert in Powerpoint, Word, Excel, basically all the Office programs. I have a Canon Rebel and an old Pentax Asahi film SLR, which are fun.  I’m a quick learner when it comes to software and hardware, having taught myself all the aformentioned programs and tools.

I’m excited about getting started!

3.1 Exercise One

January 11, 2010

My name is Braden Mangione. I go by Braden.
I am currently studying graphic design.


In ten years I hope to see myself as a graphic designer, starting a business with friends or people that I  love in a big city. By that time I would hope to have had a brief run in the music business. I play drums in a band I’m quite devoted to, so hopefully by that time, I will have achieved some marginal success with that dream, and be beginning my career as a working individual, doing another thing that I love, and a thing that will contribute to society by not only providing entertainment.

My comfort level towards technology is fairly substantial. I know how to use most Adobe products like Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, etc. extensively, and I’m familiar with coding like html and a little bit of C++. I can figure out basically any software or website if I am given time, and even quicker if I am given instruction.

Introduction: (Ivan) Irakliy Kontselidze

January 11, 2010


My name is Irakliy Kontselidze but I would like to be called Ivan.

I am currently enrolled in the Industrial Design program.

In ten years time, I see myself as a successful designer that has established respect in various fields of design. I hope to see my ideas become irreplaceable  in our  in our daily lives, in fact I want my design to be a drastic influence/change to the world and how it is going to be shaped and perceived in ten years from now.

I am familiar with both mac and pc operating systems cs4 products- mainly photoshop, illustrator, in design,flash,dreamweaver, light room, sound booth and audition. Not much experience with final cut pro,after effects or on location, but they are fairly intuitive. Microsoft office, microsoft movie maker and briefly Auto-Cad.

Great first class!


Ivan K.

Introduction: Sean Collins

January 11, 2010

Sean Collins

Hello I am Sean Collins and I am currently enrolled in Industrial Design.

I hope that in ten years I will be working as a successful art director or architect. My main interests involve industrial design, environmental design, graphic design, and photography. Seeing as I am just starting out in the area of design, everything is still new and exciting; it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where I want to be. I do however know that my love for the space we live and work in, the way we interact with it, and the objects that occupy it, will be a primary focus in my studies.

I am fairly comfortable with technology, if I were to classify myself I would say slightly above average. I am fluent in Photoshop and Illustrator, and have worked with most of the programs creative sweets has to offer. I also use Microsoft PowerPoint and Word quite frequently. Although I have used AutoCAD and Final Cut, my knowledge of them is very limited. I am also fairly good with a camera, however more so digital than film.

I look forward to getting to know you all through the semester!


Introduction: Spencer Bryant-Longo

January 11, 2010

My name is Spencer Bryant-Longo and i am enrolled in the Industrial Design Program.

In ten years time i see myself in either a position in product design, or working in films doing practical effects as this has been an interest of mine for some time.

As far as technology is concerned, mechanically i have a great understanding, appreciation and an intuitive ability. I have a long lived interest in automotive technology, cycling technology as well as experience working as a bicycle mechanic and snowboard technician. After high school i took a year at centennial college for auto-body collision repair where i gained many hands on skills in metal working i.e. welding, sheet metal manipulation and painting. As far as electronics go i am less experienced as i prefer the simpler things in life, although i do regularly use my computer and the internet and would consider myself competent.

Walking around my neiborhood

Nice to meet you all

Introduction: Matthew Williams

January 11, 2010

Hello, my name is Matthew Williams and am enrolled in Environmental Design and have attained an Honours degree in Urban and Regional Environments.

In ten years I would love to be designing livable, and environmentally friendly spaces while also designing furniture. I would love to pursue my interest in men’s fashion as well. By this time I hope my individual style is showcased in my work and I hope to enjoy the work I am doing.

As far as technology goes, I am familiar with film and digital photography cameras, PC, Mac, Illustrator, Photoshop, recording software, but I don’t know a lot about video software.

I also posted the best picture of myself I could find. It was nice to meet you!

Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams

Exercise One: Blog Introduction

January 10, 2010

Your first task is to perform a number of administrative tasks that will help our section of Introduction to Experience Design run smoothly.

1) Log in to the blog. I have given all of you access and authorship permission on our course blog. Go to the blog; click on “Log in” at bottom right, and log in with your usual OCAD username and password. We’ll go over the blog interface together in class.

2) Make a post to the blog. Include the following.

  • Your full and (if different) your preferred name.
  • Your OCAD discipline.
  • A photograph of you, that clearly shows your face. This is so that your colleagues and I can identify you.
  • A brief description of where you see yourself in 10 years. You may want to be a small-town architect, the next Karim Rashid, an art director in New York City, a freelance illustrator, or a textile artisan — or perhaps you don’t see yourself as a designer at all. Be honest, be bold, and be concise. Your answer to this question will help me tailor this course to your aspirations.
  • A brief description of your general level of comfort with technology, ranging from “I don’t have a clue” to “I’m an expert at the use of all software and hardware.” Be specific: name the software and hardware that you know, and how well you know it. Your answer to this question will help me tailor this course to your skills.

3) Curate your post. Presentation is always important in design. Publish the post, and see what it looks like. If you’re not happy with the spacing, the image quality, or the graphic composition of your post, revise it.

Please title your post “Introduction: [your preferred name].” For example, my post would be called “Introduction: Jesse Colin Jackson.” Please check the box beside the “2.0 – Introductions” category provided. Please consistently follow these conventions for titles and categories in the future.

Exercise One is due at 08:30 on Monday, January 18.