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The real question is…What can a CD/DVD do? February 24, 2010

Posted by Meena Alcozai in : Check it out , trackback

My feedback object is a CD or DVD disc. Because we are now in an age where USB’s and internet attachments are the main ways to transfer data, we don’t need CD’s or DVD discs anymore. Just like how we got rid of VHS’s we are now starting to get rid of the CD’s/DVD’s occupying our homes. But wait! Instead of throwing these devices away, why not use them in a new and unexpected way. So what exactly can we do with a CD/DVD disc?

Well first why not call on our creative sides and use CD’s for a pallet. That’s right. All you artist’s out there, you don’t need to go to dollarama to buy a pallet, just grab an unused CD near you.


 And if you aren’t an artist, you can just string your unused CD’s together and make a curtain. It’s shiny, cool and attractive all at once.

Another great use for old CDs/DVDs is using them as coasters for drinks or for candles. That’s right! No more rings on tables from cups or wax drippings from candles.


 But that’s not all a CD/DVD can do! For those of you who like to be outside and play games. Grab those CDs the next time you go. Why? Because they make great Frisbees!

Also, for those people who like to have fun, CDs/DVDs can be used as a disco ball!

And finally, CDs come in handy when you’re trying to balance a table or chair…

There are also another million ways you can use CDs/DVDs. So remember, the next time you throw out a CD or DVD that it has more uses than one…


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