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BEST AND WORSE: AGO April 20, 2010

Posted by Jacob Alexander Prapavessis in : Check it out , trackback

Having visited the AGO before, I had clear idea of what to expect. Upon arrival however there were various schools trips going on and the lobby of the building was quite busy and appeared unorganized. The addition of King Tut I feel has attracted many more visitors to the normally quieter AGO. If I was to talk about the Gallery in terms of best and worse aspects to the experience I would have to say that the worse experience for me isn’t the art work itself, its Frank Gehrys Architecture.

I Find the New renovation of the AGO to be extremely confusing and not necessarily even aesthetically good-looking. Sure there are some Beautiful parts; standing in the front wooden glass room for example is quite amazing, however, I feel like the rest of the gallery was almost an after thought. Due to having viewed much of the artwork before, during our visit I found myself looking at the architecture more inquisitively. Upon further investigation one can easily find unfinished corners and weird, awkward angles and connections. The whole building to me seems cheap…maybe due do the type of laminate and the colour used for much of the wood. I also find the actual lay out of the building quite poor. The different spaces aren’t cohesive and one is forced to concentrate while moving the various displays.

Not one of Gehrys finest…..

As for the actual Displays I feel this is the AGOs strongest attribute. The diversity among the type of art displayed is quite evident. For the casual art enthusiast I feel the Ago is perfect as im sure everyone can find something they really enjoy. The contemporary Sections especially are actually quite good and have some big name (and current) artists displayed. For the person who wants to look deeper the AGO also has a great collection of prints and other pieces in the basement and if you ask nicely they will even let you hold them like I did! With the addition of the recent King Tut exhibit (unfortunately I haven’t seen it) I feel the AGO is doing a great job marketing to a wide audience…..Its just too bad about the architecture!


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