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Best and Worst of the AGO April 20, 2010

Posted by Ricardo Iglesias in : Exer5 (makeup): Experiencing AGO, Exercises , trackback

Experiencing the contemporary exhibit of the ago was an interesting, but had a few let down. Let me explain briefly, Upon entering the AGO it makes you wonder what the AGO has in store for its viewers because the main lobby is basic and plain. This alone does not give a good impression to be honest, it made me just want to leave. When we got our tickets we were stopped by the security and they told us to leave our bags in the Drop-Off room. Why wasn’t I notified previously, this wasted our time, and was making the experience a crappy one. Sad thing is I didnt even enter the gallery yet and I am already having a bad experience… really come on! Finally after entering the gallery, it was very whimsical with its spiral staircase and weird architecture. The gallery gave a good sense of uniqueness. The best part about the AGO was an art piece that was displayed in the elevator. There was a small flat screen that was playing a video, while watching the video it was talking about, how we are made to watch things. I thought it was very creative because the artist used the elevator ( a space where you are suppose to just stand and wait, going to a desired floor) and displays it in an atmosphere where people are just standing around. It was interesting because when one enters an elevator everybody is quiet, for some strange reason, so for people to avoid this awkward situation they watch the video, Hence they are being made to watch the video to avoid an awkward experience and to avoid boredom as well. The experience was a unique one even though of my bad experience of just entering the gallery. But this really make one wonder was this purposely done?


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