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This is the course blog for “Introduction to Experience Design,” a first-year  course required for all design degree undergraduates at the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto, Canada.

This course integrates principles of design process with an introduction to time based media and the methods used to design new interfaces, environments, services and products, through the orchestration of user experience. Students are exposed to the characteristics of new design opportunities made feasible by digital technologies and the pivotal role of time and attention in contemporary design.

Through lectures, analysis of a wide range of examples in communication, interaction and experience design, and through studio projects that provide opportunities for practical application and insight, students are lead through the basic concepts, methods, tools and techniques used in the definition and design of interactive experiences.

The course load for the course consists of three hours per week of class time, and an average of six hours per week of out-of-class time to complete assignments and exercises.

–Greg Van Alstyne
Associate Professor, Faculty of Design
Director of Research, Strategic Innovaiton Lab (sLab)
Ontario College of Art & Design


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