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Posted by Magdalena Malik in : Check it out, Exer4: Best and Worst of ACTIVATE!, Exercises , add a comment

I found Activate! to be an event where many unique and talented people came together to establish a fun yet interesting experiment. The sense of partnership in our community brought out excitement, motivation and intrigue into the project. Support and initiative played an important role in managing such a collaborative booth which I must say looked awesome!

In my point of view, the best and not-so-good qualities of our Activate! show must have included the following…

The attractive colorful design of the Chaordic Collaboratorium booth was visually appealing. The visceral effect of the neon colored papers created interests that pulled viewers in. The cycle of the experience itself was a bit confusing. The users did not quite understand the linkage of Chaos to Order. The topics in the booths were narrow. I believe that if the topics were much grander in the sense of allure then the users would come up with stronger ideas. The magazine cut-outs were engaging and questioned the audience. Inside of our booth the components of light, sound and touch were visceral aspects that intensified the atmosphere of chaos leading to order. Attraction, engagement and creativity played an important role in making this process work. I am very proud of our booth and ambition we all contributed to making it great.

One of my favorite booths would be the one named “WTF?” The slogan or phrase was very catchy and automatically made you think and wonder what the point of this was. This was very successful in engaging an audience.  The circus-like fun colored tent consisting of red and yellow inspired me to go and check out the experience. The “What the Fact” phrase made me laugh!

The Mood- Cubed Box Booth made me a bit confused and the process was infinite. It took a while. The visceral points should have been more clarified and exciting in my opinion. The brown box underneath the die was visible and lacked a certain sense of sophistication. The design wasn’t that good. I am 5’9 and trying to get underneath the box was a bit of a struggle. It did not make me feel as excited as I probably should have been.

Generally, The Activate! project was very amusing and I had a great time working with our class. I never did this type of project before and now must say that it was a totally great experience! 🙂 🙂

order/chaos room March 30, 2010

Posted by Kyung Eun Park in : Proj3: ACTIVATE!, Set+props: CHAOS , 1 comment so far

Hi, I am part of chaos set/props team.

I was just wondering about how we are building the whole box frame (the room)

are we still going to use black curtains? then  how should we attach collages onto the wall?

Come Up To My Room Experience March 27, 2010

Posted by Jessica Toye in : Check it out, Proj3: ACTIVATE! , 1 comment so far

Hey guys,

A few months ago there was the Come Up To My Room event at the Gladstone, and this kind of reminded me of what we’re doing. It was a small hallway full of mirrors, and as you walk crouched down unable to clearly see where the next turn was, it led to a white room with a cushioned floor, which was very serene. words hanging high above you from the ceiling. Not exactly what we are going for, but this was the one of the best rooms there.

The best I could find was this video, fast forward to the 3:30 mark to see it.


First draft concept for ACTIVATE! outlined March 21, 2010

Posted by Greg Van Alstyne in : Process/Blueprint team, Proj3: ACTIVATE! , add a comment

Hi all,
Revised version of the description I sent when emailing you all about teams and roles. The BLUEPRINT team in particular, but all of you in fact, should feel free to ITERATE and WORKSHOP this to add necessary detail, depth, and changes to this to make it work.

The user encounters a two-stage experience where they enter an immersive representation of the contemporary “swamp” of information. The overall sense is one of being surrounded and overwhelmed. Call it a space of “information chaos.” Details of audience interaction are currently in design development.

The user transitions from a space of chaos to a space of order. In this stage users are able to collaborate with each other and co-create some kind of results in real-time. One idea may be to build a Wikipedia page. The message and metaphor of this work suggests that order can come from chaos, through hard work, storytelling, collaboration — in a word, through design

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