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TOILET ART PAPER?! February 26, 2010

Posted by Magdalena Malik in : Check it out, Exer2: Feedback Object , add a comment

Hello everyone!

Have you ever wondered what lies deep beneath the usage of toilet tissue?

Perhaps it may surprise you…

After a long debate, I have chosen toilet tissue as my feedback object.  It is used every single day by millions of people for hygienic purposes. But what most people seem to forget is that this product also has it’s creative side.

Toilet paper can do much more than just maintain good personal hygiene, it can be used in three other artsy ways such as the following…

1)      FASHION

The soft papers of chipped wood and recycled cardboard cylinders may be used as a strong fabric sewn together to create clothes.


They can also be used to create uniquely shaped artwork that inspires the use of natural products.


The cardboard can be used as a cup that holds all pencils and pens together.

Toilet paper can be used for numerous things 😉

-Maggie M

“Doesn’t it smell like feet?” February 24, 2010

Posted by Lucey En Chung Kim in : Exer2: Feedback Object, Exercises , add a comment

Like how in the summer time, sandals are my feet’s best friends, so are socks during the winter time.  Usually when associating a sock for “other purposes”, people tend to think of a sock puppet.  Sure there was a time in our childhood when we used to play with sock puppets, but I found other entertaining and useful ways to “repurpose” socks that could be of possible use for us today.  Plus, it’s a great way to reuse mismatched or missing socks (how do they always disappear in the laundry!!).

1. a hacky sack

a sewing needle and thread, some rice/sand, and a half-cut sock.  A good way to make something cheap to entertain yourself or with a group of friends.  If you don’t want to spend $5 on a good hacky sack and want something to practice with, this is a great alternative.

2. fingerless gloves

Toe socks were all the rage back when most of us were in middle school.  They were definately…something.  A good alternative to using them is turning them into fingerless gloves with a bit of adjusting with scissors and sewing.

3. Ipod/mp3/cell phone/camera case

Depending on the thickness of the material, it could provide the small electronic device with some protection, but having a small sock case can make the device just as cozy-looking as your feet.

It can be as simple as this video below without the use of sewing.

*while watching the video, I scrolled down to the comments and got my title from one of them asking the silly question*

People can be as creative and go more complex with the help of sewing, like the two examples below.

Reading week beer bottle! February 24, 2010

Posted by Jacob Alexander Prapavessis in : Exer2: Feedback Object, Exercises , 1 comment so far

Hello everyone,

Being on holiday I have been limited by my hotel to the amount of objects to choose from for this exercise. Since it is reading week however I am surrounded by empty beer bottles….so here goes

I have come up with three uses for the common glass beer bottle

Lethal Weapon

The beer bottle can be used as a weapon if you are put in the unfortunate  position where you have to defend yourself.

Spin the Bottle!

The beer bottle can also be used as a spinning top, useful for playing teenage games such as spin the bottle!

A Vase

Finally the beer bottle can be used as a decorative ornament such as a vase for flowers.

Don’t just recycle an empty PET bottle! February 24, 2010

Posted by Kyung Eun Park in : Check it out, Exer2: Feedback Object , add a comment
A boring water bottle

An empty PET bottle

My feedback object is a PET bottle. Recycling the PET bottles are important but why don’t we turn them into something that is useful in our daily life? I came up with 4 different effective ways of reusing the PET bottle. 

A piggy bank

Bottle can save your money

1) A Bottle Bank:  By simply making a narrow hole in a bottle, you can insert coins to save money.

The bottle turned into an earring holder

A close-up of an earring holder

 2) An Earring holder: Why would you buy an earring holder? The PET bottle can turn into your own special earring holder. 

A memo holder

The bottle simply turned into a memo holder

3) A memo holder: With a simple slight cut in the bottle, the bottle can hold name cards, notes or photographs. 

A flowerpot

By cutting the bottle in half, it turned into a flowerpot

A flowerpot and a garden trowel

A close-up of a flowerpot and a garden trowel

4) A Flowerpot & a Trowel: By cutting the bottle in half, you can use the lower half of the bottle as a flowerpot and the other half as a trowel.  

If you find empty plastic bottles or PET bottles at home, don’t just put them into recycling bin. Try making these effective objects and save money!

Feedback Object- The Spoon February 24, 2010

Posted by Xiao Ying Ye in : Exer2: Feedback Object , add a comment

The object that I chose is the spoon because I think spoon is one of the greatest inventions tool.

The Spoon

Feedback Object: Spoons

Spoons have been used as eating utensils since Paleolithic times and it was the first implements to be used for eating purposes. Spoons are also used in food preparation to measure, mix, and stir and toss ingredients. Present day spoons can be made from metal, wood, porcelain or plastic and more different kind of materials. Now, spoon are not only use as tool, there is also have a invention called the Music Spoon. As a musical instrument, spoons are classified as an instrument that produces noise when struck upon or shaken. The most basic way to create rhythm with spoons is to hold two spoons in ones hand with the rounded part of the spoons facing each other.
Idea of using the spoon:

1. Using the spoon as mirror by the reflection yourselves from it.

Used the spoon as mirror

Reflection from the spoon

2. Using the spoon as screwdriver by using the button of the spoon the fix things like the screwdriver.

Spoon as screwdriver

Spoon as screwdriver

3. Using the spoon as back scratcher to help user to scratch the part when she or he cannot reach out.
spoon as back stracher

spoon as back stracher

That are the 3 ideas that I have for the spoon. =D

Feedback Object-Drinking Glass February 23, 2010

Posted by Junbo Dong in : Exer2: Feedback Object , add a comment

The drinking glass for bathroom could be used varies ways.

1.It could a beautiful glass vase for plants or flowers.

2.It could be used as a candle holder to decorate your home.

3.It could be played as an interesting musical instrument with other glass cups. Fill all the cups with different amount of water, hitting them with a hard object such as a knife.

4. It could be used as an accessory tool to draw circles if you don’t have any diameter.

5.It could be used as a pencil holder.

Feedback Object – Kitchen Sink Plug February 20, 2010

Posted by Jessica Toye in : Check it out, Exer2: Feedback Object , 1 comment so far

kitchen sink plug

I tried to choose an object everyone has, but may not use, and turn it into something fun! Although usually associated with a piece of metal which catches gross bits in the bottom of a sink, or used to ensure water stays nice and plugged in the sink, i see it as something that has an industrial look. Everybody has one in their home, they are cheap, and there are endless possibilities because of all the holes, and little notches to hang things from.

1. Ceiling light. Continuing with the feeling of a modern piece, simply fixing in a bulb and a frosted piece of glass would look great over tables in kitchens, or bars in restaurants.

2. Using two of the kitchen sink plugs, a Yo-yo. A new, cool looking, and slightly trickier yo-yo! Perfect all the tricks on this!

3. Finally, my inspiration for choosing the kitchen sink plug. With or without a handle attached, they work very well as bottle openers for beer, soda, or anything else if you find yourself without an actual bottle opener (sorry for picture, all i had was wine with a screw top but you get the idea).

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