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AGO’s Best & Worst April 20, 2010

Posted by Magdalena Malik in : Check it out, Exer5 (makeup): Experiencing AGO, Exercises , add a comment

The Toronto AGO gallery attracts many people around the globe every day. The subject matter distributed within its walls carries history and foretells wisdom by the work of unique artists. More than 79,000 creations of artwork are kept and viewed by various collections. These collections range from pieces of European Art to Contemporary, Canadian, British, American, and French work. This list is endless and grows quite rapidly. There is a grand diversity in which people are naturally drawn to. No wonder AGO is so popular!

I have had the pleasure to visit the AGO gallery many times throughout my first year at OCAD. I have studied its paintings, photos, sculptures, styles and various mediums used throughout the artist’s collections. In doing so, I have learned plenty of information and come to establish my opinions as to what I like and dislike about the AGO gallery.

In my point of view, the best aspects of AGO must include the following: magnificent architecture, spacious rooms, classy décor, and of course the artwork itself. The architecture is very intriguing and creative such as one of the staircases located in the center of the gallery. The staircase spins towards the top as a cyclone. Very cool! Majority of the rooms that hold artwork are very grand in scale and create a very airy atmosphere. The gallery itself is very taken care of and clean. Visitors appreciate cleanliness. I admire the fact that multiculturalism is respected. The art stored in this gallery is made from many aspiring and talented artists all around the world! I adore looking at it. The social and cultural diversity amongst visitors is also perceived.

In the contrary, an issue I do have is that many artworks do not exemplify an explanation as to what a certain object, painting or picture are presenting. The deep meaning or message is probably the viewer’s obligation to figure out or think about using personal knowledge. But honestly speaking, some artworks are really tough to figure out. An example would be a metal spoon and chair I viewed at the AGO a couple days ago at the structure department. I really had no clue as to what the display meant. A handy solution would be to place a small description as to what the artist was trying to convey in their art piece. With such statement the viewer can think about what they themselves thought, the artist’s message and the public’s opinion.

Also, I agree with Christina Dery, the gift shop is way too expensive!

The AGO gallery holds many memories and future experiences that are very important to me. It’s a place of history, education, tradition, confession, story-telling, survival and most important, adventure!

Written by Mag M.

Activate: The Good and The Bad. April 8, 2010

Posted by Vanna Carmina Caralipio in : Check it out, Exer4: Best and Worst of ACTIVATE!, Proj3: ACTIVATE! , 1 comment so far

Critically review the Best Overall and Worst Overall project from the whole ACTIVATE! event.

In my opinion the best in the show would have to be the class project called “What the Fact?”. I felt this one succeeded the most in the show. The visceral design of the yellow and red tent was attractive and caught my attention. There was a close connection to resemble a carnival or circus, and bringing that experience in this enclosed space. The suspense feeling came to me as I was waiting to go in the tent, asking myself why lies behind the curtain. When I entered I was surprised that it was a robot head that when you push the button it “spits out” a random fact. Their concept came out loud and clear, understood what they were trying to convey. When receiving the fact you instantly think “wtf?” than it relates back to their title “what the fact?” I found it quite humourous. This was consistent throughout the whole show. The experience cycle they created was interesting and successful because the attraction was eye catching as well the host were able to get the attention of others pretty well. When entering the tent and finding the head became more interesting, able to interact with the head and getting the fact continued the experience. When finally leaving the tent the expression on your face gave the others that were waiting more interest to enter. As for the extension people all over the event wanted to try this project out. Overall it was fun and worth the wait.

In my opinion I felt the project that didn’t have a big impact to me was the white box. The visceral design was too flat and not that noticeable to people unless you actually looked down at the floor.  From what I saw I didn’t fully understand why there was a white box and what the viewer or the person that was experiencing it was suppose to do. The mode of interaction wasn’t clear and there wasn’t anyone to answer the question I had. Unless you were invited in the facebook event there wasn’t any informantion on this project. I would have improved it if there was a bit more promotional aspects or some sort of info about it. There was no experience cycle for this project, nothing was clear to me. From what I saw for myself not a lot of people were noticing the box or were avoiding stepping in the box. Overall there was a lot of confusion and unanswered questions.

This event was fun to see what every class have done. It was interesting.

We had the best ACTIVATE…and I actually had fun. April 6, 2010

Posted by Reginald Leung in : Exer3: User Scenario, Proj3: ACTIVATE! , add a comment


1) Critically review the Best Overall and Worst Overall project from the whole ACTIVATE! event

The ones that I went to were fairly interesting given the budgets everyone had previously collected. Some were similar but executed differently. All projects that I tried did engage me in all three dimensions but some dimensions were weighted more heavy than others.

The balloon popping one engaged me in a viceral sense because it was so nice to look at with all the colours and the flower pots and it helped that it was pretty much the most unique in the pay that it was set up. But when it came to the other two dimensions it was lacking. Like it didnt give me all that to take away from and behaviourally all I got to do was pop a balloon and read the message in it. And some messages were pretty random and not insightful or philosophical. But thats ok. I did like the light nature of their activate. And I think they were the only booth that had music playing for the other students that I could dance to.

The fact machine one I didnt really understand. It was sort of a bigger version of a fortune cookie. I didn’t get why it gave us random facts and why it was in a circus tent. Their circus tent was really well constructed though I must say. But the whole idea fell a bit flat because I didnt know what I was supposed to make of their random facts. I actually wanted to know if they really did their research with these facts because some of them came off as correlations and we know that correlation doesnt mean its fact.

The protest that was going on trying to get people to sign the petition to get rid of the arts program at OCAD and merge it with design was funny. It did engage in a visceral (The signs) behavioural (the actual protest and wearing of pins they were passing around) and reflective way (made you think what would happen if they did merge it and if art is really necessary?) Even though if the work that was involved probably wasn’t very much and simplistic it did manage to touch on all three dimensions.

Those are just a few that stuck in my mind that were worth mentioning. There wasn’t a glaring booth that was weak in my opinion. I think some were more exciting than others. Some, you could tell, were less planned than others. And some were just there to have fun and I think thats ok. I actually had alot more fun than I anticipated. It was a nice break from my busy schedule and to socialize with friends. I ALSO had fun rebuilding the structure too. Was stressful to try and get it done in time but I had fun redoing it with Jacob and everyones help. I also had fun setting up the structure and all that stuff too. I it made me sort of think about minoring in ED. The only thing was people that knew me came up to me periodically shocked that I could work with a hammer and drill…lol yeah whatever what like its hard? All I had to say to that was “I’m full of surprises” lol.

My Life as a 21st Century Dandy-ette January 23, 2010

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Jessica Toye's Avatar

Jessica Toye's Avatar

My name is Jessica Toye, and my avatar is not so much an alter ego, but my character on a very very very good day. This is me on a huge rooftop patio enjoying the fruits of my garden, in the middle of a bustling city on a beautiful sunny day! I’m in love with big cities and venturing through other neighbourhoods meeting new people, and learning about different cultures. The best part about summer is biking or walking around finding new streets, shops, parks, beautiful architecture, hidden paths, abandoned buildings and other urban exploration.

In this avatar I’m doing what I do best, stuffing my face with food with my best friend (who you can see in the reflection of my sunglasses). As you can see I am OBSESSED with food: growing, cooking, eating. I spend a lot of time cooking for me and my friends and even have a blog dedicated to all my food adventures! There is nothing more satisfying than gathering all your friends under one roof to hang out and have a few drinks and watch people you care about enjoy your cooking.

I also love cats, and have adopted several cats who have grown larger than most 10 story buildings but are still quite gentle considering their size. They have short attention spans, and like to explore and have fun around the city just like me.

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