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AGO’s Best & Worst April 20, 2010

Posted by Magdalena Malik in : Check it out, Exer5 (makeup): Experiencing AGO, Exercises , add a comment

The Toronto AGO gallery attracts many people around the globe every day. The subject matter distributed within its walls carries history and foretells wisdom by the work of unique artists. More than 79,000 creations of artwork are kept and viewed by various collections. These collections range from pieces of European Art to Contemporary, Canadian, British, American, and French work. This list is endless and grows quite rapidly. There is a grand diversity in which people are naturally drawn to. No wonder AGO is so popular!

I have had the pleasure to visit the AGO gallery many times throughout my first year at OCAD. I have studied its paintings, photos, sculptures, styles and various mediums used throughout the artist’s collections. In doing so, I have learned plenty of information and come to establish my opinions as to what I like and dislike about the AGO gallery.

In my point of view, the best aspects of AGO must include the following: magnificent architecture, spacious rooms, classy décor, and of course the artwork itself. The architecture is very intriguing and creative such as one of the staircases located in the center of the gallery. The staircase spins towards the top as a cyclone. Very cool! Majority of the rooms that hold artwork are very grand in scale and create a very airy atmosphere. The gallery itself is very taken care of and clean. Visitors appreciate cleanliness. I admire the fact that multiculturalism is respected. The art stored in this gallery is made from many aspiring and talented artists all around the world! I adore looking at it. The social and cultural diversity amongst visitors is also perceived.

In the contrary, an issue I do have is that many artworks do not exemplify an explanation as to what a certain object, painting or picture are presenting. The deep meaning or message is probably the viewer’s obligation to figure out or think about using personal knowledge. But honestly speaking, some artworks are really tough to figure out. An example would be a metal spoon and chair I viewed at the AGO a couple days ago at the structure department. I really had no clue as to what the display meant. A handy solution would be to place a small description as to what the artist was trying to convey in their art piece. With such statement the viewer can think about what they themselves thought, the artist’s message and the public’s opinion.

Also, I agree with Christina Dery, the gift shop is way too expensive!

The AGO gallery holds many memories and future experiences that are very important to me. It’s a place of history, education, tradition, confession, story-telling, survival and most important, adventure!

Written by Mag M.

Meeting on Sunday April 3, 2010

Posted by Meena Alcozai in : Check it out , add a comment

Hey guys,
Just to clarify, the meeting is at 1PM in the woodshop room.

Meeting on April 4th for ACTIVATE!!!! (mainly props/sets) April 1, 2010

Posted by Meena Alcozai in : Check it out , 2 comments

There is a meeting at OCAD (its open even though its a Sunday) in the woodshop room for the props and set (and generally everyone in the class). We are building the set on the day and need different people to bring in materials to make it.
Please message me back (either by student mail or the blog) on which material you want to be in charge of getting (so we don’t get more than necessary):

1- Shower Curtains (2 of them -Black and White- must be at least 6ish feet tall and not see-through) (Dollar store is good for this)
2- Nails (a variety is good-plus a large supply)
3- Wood (I’ll take care of this)
4- Post-its/Sharpies/Pens (I think Greg will get the post-its)
5- 7×10 feet (x2) of illustration panel/board (white or black preferably – it’s ok if the panels are smaller in size…we can just staple them together)
6- Fish wire
7- Cookie material (are we making cookies by scratch?)
*Please keep the recipe of what you are buying so you’re money will be reimbursed.

On Sunday, we’re going to get together and make the set (by make, i mean create it so all everything is ready, so on Monday we just have some easy assembling to do.)
This includes: The collage team making the collage, the hosts creating a script based on the concept (which you will know more about on Sunday), the sets and props teams making the actual set, and the AV team getting our audio/visuals ready.

See you guys Sunday~

Order/Chaos March 31, 2010

Posted by Meena Alcozai in : Check it out , 1 comment so far

Order and Chaos groups meet tomorrow at S-Lab. We can discuss who’s going to be in charge of getting each material and who’s in charge of building the set on the day of Activate. I think it’s a good idea if we build it then, because its not really practical to carry around a 10foot x 10foot frame around.

The idea for the set is a wooden frame, with black/white curtains around it. We also need a collage team as well as prop team for the images hanging from the ceiling.

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