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What would I do without my Straightening Iron! February 24, 2010

Posted by Talia Claire Dimerman in : Exer2: Feedback Object , 1 comment so far

I have chosen the Ceramic Straightening Iron as my item that creates interesting “feedback” when you interact with it. An item that I am too familiar with, as it’s used in my household on a frequent basis. A fairly small and light weight cosmetic tool, yet it can produce heat at extraordinarily high levels in a matter of minutes. It has 2 flat titanium plates on the interior, which smoothly glide over the hair to flatten it instantly. There is a cross hatching textural feel on the handlebar for an easier grip. Temperature control, and on/off switches can be seen next to the plates on the interior.

Ceramic Straightening Iron

3 ideas to “repurpose” the feedback:

1. Use this as a finishing touch after creating a hem line on a pair of pants. You can also create a neat seam line.

Finishing Touch!

2. Item grabber. If yours nails are wet, or you just don’t feel like bending down fully to pick something up with your hands – this will do the job. All you have to do is simply pinch the two handlebars together with the item / sheet placed securely in between. Then just lift it up towards you! Of course, make sure that the Iron is unplugged.

Item Grabber

3. Musical instrument – sound clapper. The feedback is a clapping sound triggered by the two titanium plates hitting one another. As an additional noise to your instrument of bands, this will produce a great clapping sound to go along with anything. Use more than one sound clapper at the same time, or combine with other instruments for a room filled with many musical sounds! Here again, make sure that the Iron is unplugged.

*clap* *clap* *clap*

JUST a Metal Ruler???!!! February 24, 2010

Posted by Reginald Leung in : Exer2: Feedback Object , 2 comments

With a metal ruler you can do so many interesting things with it. There are so many creative ways a ruler can be used other than the conventional method. I came to these conclusions from using my metal ruler so often in my design work. A ruler is so much more than a form of measurement. Let’s see if you agree with me.

JUST a Metal Ruler??!!

1) Cut vegetables. The side of the ruler is so sharp sometimes that you can actually cut yourself by accident with it. So why  not use it to cut vegetables?


2) Musical instrument. If you whip the metal ruler back and forth and listen you can here sound coming off it. Give it a try.


3) Fly swat. If you want something more than the traditional fly swat that breaks when you try to swat something with too much force try a ruler.


4) Use it like a personal mirror. If you need an emergency mirror for whatever reason a ruler is reflective enough for you to apply any make up or get anything out of your teeth.


5) Self defence weapon. If your caught in an alley way at night and need something for self defence reach into your bag and use it to slice and dice potential predators. And as students of art and design everyone should have one handy anyhow.


Dancing in the Rain.. forest. January 23, 2010

Posted by Vanna Carmina Caralipio in : Exer1: Avatar , add a comment

Hello, this is my avatar.


I am a city girl, but I love the beauty of nature therefore I placed myself in a rainforest. I never really got to travel around the world. One of the first places I would like to visit is the rainforest. When I get older I would want to travel around the world. I used a picture from a party I went to that we had to wear masks. The mask symbolizes mystery and fantasy. I added butterfly wings on myself because I love the fantasy genre and butterflies. My name is Vanna, which means butterfly in Greek. In the background I added a cheetah because it is one of my favourite creatures and the beauty they beholds as it moves so fast and gracefully as well how unique the spots they have. I placed dancers in the background and music notes because I love music and when I get the chance I love to dance different types of dance such as ballet and hip-hop. So this is my story about a part of me, I hope you liked and learned more about who I am.

– Vanna

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