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TOILET ART PAPER?! February 26, 2010

Posted by Magdalena Malik in : Check it out, Exer2: Feedback Object , add a comment

Hello everyone!

Have you ever wondered what lies deep beneath the usage of toilet tissue?

Perhaps it may surprise you…

After a long debate, I have chosen toilet tissue as my feedback object.  It is used every single day by millions of people for hygienic purposes. But what most people seem to forget is that this product also has it’s creative side.

Toilet paper can do much more than just maintain good personal hygiene, it can be used in three other artsy ways such as the following…

1)      FASHION

The soft papers of chipped wood and recycled cardboard cylinders may be used as a strong fabric sewn together to create clothes.


They can also be used to create uniquely shaped artwork that inspires the use of natural products.


The cardboard can be used as a cup that holds all pencils and pens together.

Toilet paper can be used for numerous things 😉

-Maggie M

Feedback object: Water bottle February 24, 2010

Posted by Austina Lin in : Exer2: Feedback Object , add a comment


Water bottle


What can a water bottle be used except for drinking? I have three ideas for reusing our water bottle instead of throwing it away into the garbage or recycling it.  I believe everyone has bottle that will be recycled or thrown away. So, here are three ways to reuse it.

1. It can be made into a percussion instrument by adding rice into the bottle. Add as much rice as needed to adjust the sound.

as a percussion


2. it can be used as a pencil holder by cutting the bottle into half and you could also cut it into the shape that you like. 

as pencil holder


3. The other half of the bottle can be used as a lamp shade by cutting off the bottle cap.

as lamp shade


Those are my three ideas for reusing the water bottle. Try it, it is easy and simple with great feedback.

Feedback Object-Drinking Glass February 23, 2010

Posted by Junbo Dong in : Exer2: Feedback Object , add a comment

The drinking glass for bathroom could be used varies ways.

1.It could a beautiful glass vase for plants or flowers.

2.It could be used as a candle holder to decorate your home.

3.It could be played as an interesting musical instrument with other glass cups. Fill all the cups with different amount of water, hitting them with a hard object such as a knife.

4. It could be used as an accessory tool to draw circles if you don’t have any diameter.

5.It could be used as a pencil holder.

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