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Exercise 1 terminated! January 25, 2010

Posted by Jannic Nicola Jaeggi in : Exer1: Avatar , add a comment

My name is Jannic Jaeggi and I’m studying Graphic design at OCAD. The avatar I have created for this project is me, blended with the Terminator. This is a representation of my alter ego; in real life I am a procrastinator, not one to accomplish things fast like the Terminator. It is also a darker side of me, for I am generally a peaceful guy.  The background depicts a deserted city; when my alter ego accomplishes something nothing is left unfinished.

Having lived in numerous different places (Switzerland, Australia and Canada), my influences come from wide assortments. It has allowed me to explore different cultures and keep an open mind.

questions? ask away!

The Confused Warrior January 25, 2010

Posted by Ricardo Iglesias in : Exer1: Avatar, Exercises , add a comment

Live the Revolution!

This is my avatar the confused warrior. You guys may ask, “why a confused warrior?” Well basically he is not sure what his future beholds for him, for example: What problems is he gonna face? Is there gonna be a struggle? etc…etc     But as confused as he is, he’s happy and determined to finish his University education @ OCAD. Anyways that’s the avatar’s life story.

My life story is I am a first year student @ OCAD in Environmental Design, trying to pursue a career in Architecture. My background is Salvadoran, hence the El Salvador Coat of Arms on the sleeve of the avatar, I love the Aztec culture as well as the Roman culture. I placed a roman helmet on my head and the aztec calendar as my shield, I have a sword that shows that I am willing to fight and defend myself against the monstrous OCAD teaching faculty (Just kidding), and to show that I have a Sword collection at home… This is just a quick exerpt about me, if anyone has any questions to ask i’ll gladly answer, so it’s ok to talk to me … I don’t stab!


p.s this was the original photo if you do not understand my face in the picture.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” January 25, 2010

Posted by Magdalena Malik in : Check it out, Exer1: Avatar, Exercises , add a comment

Hi everyone!

My name is Magdalena Malik, also known as Megs by friends, and I’m in first year Graphic Design at OCAD. It has been my dream to study at this school since way back! My mom studied here as an Illustrator and graduated. I visited the campus and went to a couple of classes even when I was five years old!  I still remember coloring mickey-mouse picture books during my mother’s lectures…

Even though this journey of art and design has just become, I am eager to find out what the future has in store for me. Hopefully, after graduating from OCAD, I would love to travel and explore the world. I long for the chance to visit unique places, learn about culture and make friendships. As you can see from my avatar, I placed myself in the horizon with a sailors hat and yacht. I adore sailing with my family and friends. The cool breeze makes me feel relaxed and free. Somehow when out there in the water, I feel as if nothing can bring me down. I feel strong. It would be nice to go sailing now, maybe then I wouldn’t be so stressed about course assignment due dates… hehe

I hope everyone learned a little about me!


Break an Invisible Wall to See a Visible Future January 24, 2010

Posted by Kyung Eun Park in : Exer1: Avatar , add a comment

A straight punch to the invisible wall in my mind

Hi! My name is Kyungeun (say ‘key-young-un’ really fast); however, I would like you to call me Lisa. I am a very shy and quiet person. I love listening to people’s stories and their thoughts instead of telling mine. Recently, I noticed that I am not so good at articulating my thoughts and expressing my emotions. There are so many thoughts going around in my mind and I think too much before I speak so I always miss my chance to share my thoughts with people. I always admired people who express themselves freely and with confidence. From the experience of having  hard time conveying my thoughts, I learned that ‘expressing’ my opinion is eqaully important as ‘listening’ to the others. However, changing the personality isn’t easy as I thought.  I decided to depict my avatar powerful so she can break the invisible wall that is blocking me from revealing my inner self.  The wall shattered into pieces and it is my turn to escape from an enclosed space and learn to gain confidence in myself.

There is one more thing that I want to give a punch and get over with. I am a design student who hopefully wants to continue my career in design field in the future. I believe to become a successful designer, we should think creatively and imaginatively. However, I still think inside the box. I also want to break the conventional way of thinking and seeing and become more imaginative person. From the experiences that I will be facing in the future, I hope I learn about myself and develop myself.

Before the editing

 + Tools that I used in photoshop: I applied gradation technique that Greg showed us in the class. By adjusting feather with using the marquee tool I could emphasize area that I want give focus. I really enjoyed using different kinds of blending mode for the layers. I also played around with Motion Blur Filter to give an effect of hand punching.

Me with the Graceful Heart Beats. January 24, 2010

Posted by Pei Li in : Exer1: Avatar , add a comment

Looking for where I am? I’m just right in the centre of the image. Me as the illusion, me as the hearted spirit, and me as the leader of the wonderful spiritual and artistic world. I don’t have the spectacular appearance, I don’t have the outstanding speech skills. Nevertheless, I have the loyal and sincere heart for my favourite subject-Art and Design. I have been interested in art and design since I was a little kid, and I don’t usually enjoy communicate with people verbally. Instead, I would rather to use my pencils and little sketchbook to tell them what I think, and how my inner self act. I love to get involved in different kind of design such as, fashion, graphic and photography. My ultimate goal is to become a well known graphic designer who possesses his own company with his best best friends. Currently, I just set my own studio with my friends which name is “Pezy la pledy Art studio”, what I do in my studio is to design diverse types of stuff for people or just for fun. I hope our studio could run fluent and eventually become my dream company in the market.

This design is called “Me with the Graceful Heart Beats”, I began with the Illustrator to draw the blue gradated curving lines which represent my heart beats, and there is actually a heart filled with all words that can best describe about myself in the top centre of the image. Under that heart, it’s me with the illusion and smoke, and the reason that’s why I used this effect is because I want to emphasize on the unpredictable characteristics of myself. I am a very moody person sometimes, and I use to change my mood through the environment around me. I am surrounded by the sophisticate floral patterns and the flying butterflies, which means I like the natural creatures and forms, also some of my design works are the reflection of the beauty of nature. I like to exchange my experience with people who have the same interest and goals with me, to know more about me please talk and share about your stories with me. Pei is always happy to hear your voice.

Facing Fears & Overcoming Adversity January 24, 2010

Posted by Talia Claire Dimerman in : Exer1: Avatar , 1 comment so far

Talia’s Avatar.

Hi everyone! My name’s Talia Dimerman – I’m in first year Graphic Design, and live in Thornhill, ON. A fairly small and safe community, compared to venturing out downtown into a mass of people and new experiences – so I feel as if I’ve come a far distance both literally and metaphorically this year. In my every day to day life, my friends and family would say that I’m this cute, somewhat shy person (not that anything is wrong with that!) This avatar however depicts another side of me that is fiery and strong, and able to face fears, and overcome adversity. With a glint of fire in my eyes, bold red lips, red smoke coming from my nostrils, streaks of purple and green in my hair. We can call myself a half mermaid, half warrior princess. ;P The light glistening from the surface of the ocean represents the light that keeps me going – reflective of overcoming the obstacles I’ve had to face in life – including having to deal with Scoliosis since the age of thirteen. Having to wear a back brace for three years made me a stronger, more mature person, and so I feel ready for whatever comes next in my life.

I have been interested in the dramatic arts since a very young age. I took Speech and Drama lessons and passed Trinity College exams for 7 years, thinking my future would involve acting or teaching Drama – hence the drama faces tattoo. The musical notes faintly in the background are representative of my incredible love for music, all genres included (minus rap). Really anything that has a good beat to it. I’ve always wanted some sort of streak in my hair, I guess you could say to make a statement, make myself unique and stand out amongst my fellow competitors in the design industry. However now I realize that I need more than just a streak in my hair to do this. My  image shows a shark looking to eat me, however I show my teeth and scare him off so he ends up swimming off into the distance (to the right). I have learned that when you face your fears head on, they often go away. In time, I will make my mark in this profession and show off my talents – even if it means having to fight off a few sharks in the process!

On a final note, if you haven’t seen Avatar in theaters, GO SEE IT! I’m telling you, it’s incredible. I watched in 3D and I don’t think any other movie from now on will be quite the same.

My cousin Josh...


My cousin Josh and I playing around with camera en route to African Lion Safari!

**Credit to Falln-Stock for use of Smoke Brushes Set 1 in Photoshop: http://www.falln-stock.deviantart.com/

A stuffed vampire after a feast in his dark castle. January 23, 2010

Posted by Junbo Dong in : Exer1: Avatar , add a comment
A stuffed vampire after a feast in his dark castle.

A stuffed vampire after a feast in his dark castle.

My name is Junbo Dong, and my avatar is a vampire. The movie Dracula is one of my favorite movies. I drew on gothic pattern and comic style to complete the avatar to demonstrate the image of vampire. Though I have a typical oriental face, but I tried to transform it into a western vampire in his dark castle in this picture. I’m very interested in line drawing in traditional ink and brush style. The “filter” tool from photoshop helped me finding the edges of the original photos to some images, which are composed by black lines, made them look like comic style. The bats that fly out of my mouth along with the smokes representing the vampire has magic ability, he can control vampire bats so that they can serve more meals for him.

Dancing in the Rain.. forest. January 23, 2010

Posted by Vanna Carmina Caralipio in : Exer1: Avatar , add a comment

Hello, this is my avatar.


I am a city girl, but I love the beauty of nature therefore I placed myself in a rainforest. I never really got to travel around the world. One of the first places I would like to visit is the rainforest. When I get older I would want to travel around the world. I used a picture from a party I went to that we had to wear masks. The mask symbolizes mystery and fantasy. I added butterfly wings on myself because I love the fantasy genre and butterflies. My name is Vanna, which means butterfly in Greek. In the background I added a cheetah because it is one of my favourite creatures and the beauty they beholds as it moves so fast and gracefully as well how unique the spots they have. I placed dancers in the background and music notes because I love music and when I get the chance I love to dance different types of dance such as ballet and hip-hop. So this is my story about a part of me, I hope you liked and learned more about who I am.

– Vanna

Exercise 1: Avatar January 15, 2010

Posted by Greg Van Alstyne in : Exer1: Avatar, Exercises , add a comment
Avatar image by jessica mullen

Avatar image by jessica mullen

In your first (graded) exercise you’ll create an avatar representing an exaggerated or hyper version of yourself, as you see yourself or would like to be. Leave your inhibitions at the door — be imaginative and have fun.


  1. Get a good clear photo of yourself (or several). Save it as a JPG file to portable media like a USB key.
  2. Find material that would make good additions, props, and background for your avatar. For example if you aspire to a future with NASA find good images like the space shuttle, space station, Earth, maybe a helmet. Facial hair or scars from test flights gone wrong might also be nice
  3. Bring these materials on disk for use in our Photoshop tutorial next class.
  4. Sketch some ideas ahead of time on paper or digitally so you have momentum from the top of the class.

Like all the exercises, this will be graded out of 5%, as one of four exercises totalling 20% of your final mark.

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