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Cool New Phone? Or a Pointless Design?… January 21, 2010

Posted by Meena Alcozai in : Check it out , add a comment

Looking at some of the new devices out on the market (or about to come out in the market) I was pretty impressed as well as surprised. Do we have too much? Do we need to waste our resource’s to make thousands of different computers to choose from?

 This is a phone design I found that was quite interesting. It’s from Pilotfish and Synaptics and it’s called the ONYX phone. Currently it’s not available but it will be sometime soon.

http://images.businessweek.com/ss/06/08/cellphones/index_01.htm (Couldnt get the image to upload)

The phone features no buttons. Instead it identifies hand gestures and signs as a way to work, basically using sensor technology. “… Lift it to your cheek to answer a call…”

So my question now is that is this phone just another pointless recreation of past phones (only with no buttons this time) or is it an actual, decent design?

Suddenly, everything clicks. And swipes. And scrolls. January 21, 2010

Posted by Danyang Zhang in : Check it out , add a comment

It is very bizarre that even in today’s society, with all the technological discoveries and advances, product designs are still not satisfying. They either look good and function poorly; or they are very efficient but look terribly ugly. For example, a few years ago, LG Mobile came up with the famous LG Chocolate. It was pretty. It was cute. So I bought it purely because of its appearance. Guess what. It didn’t even last one year. It was a screen issue, which was not even included in the warranty. As far as I know, two friends’ cell phone died as well……(same brand…). So, here it is, when you buy a cell phone, try not to buy an LG, even though they probably have the cuttest design among all the mobile phone brand (especially their new Chocolates, Ice Creams, and Lollipops<–these are cell phones). Don’t let them fool you with their angelic faces…..They are evils.

HOWEVER, There’s hope

Apple is one of the few companies that develops products according to the visceral, behavioral, and reflective levels of design.

A few months ago, Apple launched their newly designed wireless Mouse–>Magic Mouse

This new product is indeed very good looking, no one can argue the contrary. The top is translucent andis smoothly forming a streamline. Beyond the mere appearance, the product functions as a multi-touch mouse.  There is no button on the body. All movements work with the touch ‘screen’. Here comes a new mouse design that no one has ever thought about.  It is simple to understand and easy to use. I addition, the product is one of a kind among the wide range of wireless mouse. The brand popularity and the service that Apple offers to the customers also respond to the reflective level of the design.

Magic Mouse

magic mouse 2

Here’s the website:

Magic Mouse

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