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Posted by Magdalena Malik in : Check it out, Exer4: Best and Worst of ACTIVATE!, Exercises , add a comment

I found Activate! to be an event where many unique and talented people came together to establish a fun yet interesting experiment. The sense of partnership in our community brought out excitement, motivation and intrigue into the project. Support and initiative played an important role in managing such a collaborative booth which I must say looked awesome!

In my point of view, the best and not-so-good qualities of our Activate! show must have included the following…

The attractive colorful design of the Chaordic Collaboratorium booth was visually appealing. The visceral effect of the neon colored papers created interests that pulled viewers in. The cycle of the experience itself was a bit confusing. The users did not quite understand the linkage of Chaos to Order. The topics in the booths were narrow. I believe that if the topics were much grander in the sense of allure then the users would come up with stronger ideas. The magazine cut-outs were engaging and questioned the audience. Inside of our booth the components of light, sound and touch were visceral aspects that intensified the atmosphere of chaos leading to order. Attraction, engagement and creativity played an important role in making this process work. I am very proud of our booth and ambition we all contributed to making it great.

One of my favorite booths would be the one named “WTF?” The slogan or phrase was very catchy and automatically made you think and wonder what the point of this was. This was very successful in engaging an audience.  The circus-like fun colored tent consisting of red and yellow inspired me to go and check out the experience. The “What the Fact” phrase made me laugh!

The Mood- Cubed Box Booth made me a bit confused and the process was infinite. It took a while. The visceral points should have been more clarified and exciting in my opinion. The brown box underneath the die was visible and lacked a certain sense of sophistication. The design wasn’t that good. I am 5’9 and trying to get underneath the box was a bit of a struggle. It did not make me feel as excited as I probably should have been.

Generally, The Activate! project was very amusing and I had a great time working with our class. I never did this type of project before and now must say that it was a totally great experience! 🙂 🙂

Are the machines doing men’s job? March 5, 2010

Posted by Kyung Eun Park in : Check it out, Exer3: User Scenario , add a comment

“Men have become tools of their tools” ~Henri David Thoreau

Up until few years ago, it was hard to imagine people owning their personal digital cameras because back then, the digital cameras were bulky and expensive. It is not very long people started using digital machines as their other selves. As technology rapidly develops, the clever companies expanded their consumer targets to ordinary people and started producing digital machines that are inexpensive but still have great functions and machines that are convenient to anyone. Technology is still improving every second.

The problem

To create a prototype that reflects the relationship between the men and the digital technologies these days.

The Digital Camera

A typical digital camera is on a tripod. The LCD screen of the camera is switched to the image playback mode that displays the image that the user just took. The digital camera represents the brain.

User Scenario

A user enters the room and notices that there is a digital camera on a tripod. In front of the digital camera, there is a table that is set up with some objects that triggers the user to take a photo of it. The user switches to the image playback mode unconsciously to check out if he/she captured the image correctly. From here, the user experiences that the machine is doing what men had to do –memorizing the moment. People are dependent on technology as it improves frequently.

I found an interesting blog that talks about Appropriating the body as an input surface. It’s pretty amazing and scary at the same time that technologies are developing..


Downy ball…for laundry or……. February 27, 2010

Posted by Christina Mary Dery in : Check it out, Exer2: Feedback Object, Exercises , 1 comment so far

Have you ever looked at a downy ball and though hmm…what can this be used for other than laundry? probably not, but the downy ball has s much potential for other uses. I came up with various ways to use it in different ways. First my favorite idea was:

1) To create a mini aquarium for mini fish

of course it would have to be for tiny fish and holes would be poked into the top so they could breathe, but its a great way to showcase your fish by hanging it from just about anywhere.

mini aquarium

2) A baby rattle

The ball could be filled with anything to make rattle noises such as filling it with rice. The top would have to be much more secure so that the baby could not open it and eat the tiny pieces. The rattle noises combined with the rolling ball shape creates 2 toys in one for babies.

Baby rattle and ball

3) Kids drinking bottle/ snack container

The top part is changeable with a drinking attachment and a lid attachment. The drink is kept cold with the frozen ice pack in the centre attached  to the lid. The snack container has a screw on lid so that kids cant spill everything but has a small hole on top so that only small amounts come out at once.

Kids bottle

Snack Container

Is that a… suitcase?! February 26, 2010

Posted by Shaili Chibba in : Exer2: Feedback Object, Exercises , add a comment

Suitcases Our parents used them, their parents used them… but are you going to?! They’re old, rusty, cracked, and probably breaking down! They’re no longer performing their intended use, and even if they are, would you want to use them? Return to these suitcases a purpose! A purpose that will make them worthy again. While you’re at it, why not make it fun?

These suitcases can be so much more than just.. suitcases. They don’t just have to hold / carry / store clothes and other objects. Old suitcases have a great design and form, so why let them go to waste? Take advantage of their vintage beauty!

Purpose #1 – Bench!

BenchWant a funky and original seat in your room? Stuff a suitcase with old clothes, or books (or anything you don’t want easy access to), then either wrap it in a fabric or paint it a colour of your choice! For a finishing touch, adding a cushion to the top won’t hurt especially if you want comfy seating.

If you’d like to further the purpose of this suitcase/bench, you can always make it so that the access to the items that the suitcase is stuffed with are easily accessible, therefore providing you with extra storage space.

Purpose #2 – Bookcase!

Bookcase!Get more creative and take that suitcase apart! Once you’re done, clean it up as must as possible and apply an fabrics or paint of choice. Make it personal! Then the two sides of the suitcase can be piled on top of each other and be made into a bookcase!

If you have more than one suitcase, you can also think of pairing the tops and bottoms together separately for a more uniform effect!

Purpose #3 – Table Top!

Tabletop!Using a suitcase this way is so vintage and chic! Easiest to do of all three purposes, all you have to do is take the suitcase, and place it firmly over any desired table. In fact, it is better if the table is quite low, as the suitcase adds height. This can be great in cases as a bedside table where the night-stand is too low, and in need of a personal touch!

Once that is done, adding accessories is up to you!

These are just 3 of the many purposes that suitcase can serve besides from what it was initially intended for. Explore! Have fun! Take that lumpy, good-for-nothing-space-taker and re-format it to something new and worthy.

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