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the long day at ACTIVATE! April 9, 2010

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I think it was really interesting to see what kind of ideas other classes came up with for this ACTIVATE! event.  I think ours was pretty successful, even though the morning was all rush-rush and crazy-hectic trying to set up the structure and what-not.  Going around to other classes’ projects, I think that there really wasn’t one that was “the best” or “the worst” because they were equally fun and disappointing in different aspects.  But, anyways:

“The Best”

Although I definately think others were a lot better, the “WTF” circus tent stood out to me, ONLY AFTER I saw one of its poster advertisements.  Viscerally, the structure and the contraption inside the tent was well-made.  Behaviourally, I think it was very clever with the whole “push” button and having someone hidden behind the big “thing” do everything manually.  Reflectively, when I first went in, and came out w/ that small envelope of a random fact, it WAS a put-down.  With a structure made so well and looking very pleasing, I was expecting something SPECTACULAR.  But, in the end, all I got was an envelope w/ a “WTF” stamp on it and a random, sometimes useless, fact.  But, later that day, as I was waiting for the elevator in the Grange, I saw one of their posters.  The poster read something along the lines of, “It’ll make you want to say, “WTF”?”.  Only THEN, did I realize that it was the classes intent for that big put-down after that built-up curiosity at the beginning.  Like I said at the beginning, this isn’t the BEST, but I felt that it should be recognized because it was MEANT to be a big put-down at the end.

“The Worst”

The protest would definately be somewhere I’d categorize as one of the “bad” ones.  One reason would be because I almost forgot that, that WAS one of the class projects for this ACTIVATE! event.  Viscerally, the whole protest looked very legitimate because of the picket signs, big group of people, loud, verbal protests and megaphone.  Behaviourally, that class did a good job in the beginning of marching around and chanting.  But, then I knew that they weren’t going to keep that up for the whole three hours.  So, seeing that they were just hanging around for a majority of the event until the last half hour was no surprise to me.  Reflectively, I remember seeing a facebook event for this protest and people were actually believing that there was going to be a REAL protest.  I, myself, almost believed this event until I saw the details of when this “protest” was going to take place and then thought that it was pretty clever marketing strategy.  I don’t think that this project showed a huge amount of effort in terms of preparation in comparison to other classes.  Also, shouting random chants (for a short period of time) without an ACTUAL good reason for taking art out of OCAD didn’t really show “information” to me.


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I found Activate! to be an event where many unique and talented people came together to establish a fun yet interesting experiment. The sense of partnership in our community brought out excitement, motivation and intrigue into the project. Support and initiative played an important role in managing such a collaborative booth which I must say looked awesome!

In my point of view, the best and not-so-good qualities of our Activate! show must have included the following…

The attractive colorful design of the Chaordic Collaboratorium booth was visually appealing. The visceral effect of the neon colored papers created interests that pulled viewers in. The cycle of the experience itself was a bit confusing. The users did not quite understand the linkage of Chaos to Order. The topics in the booths were narrow. I believe that if the topics were much grander in the sense of allure then the users would come up with stronger ideas. The magazine cut-outs were engaging and questioned the audience. Inside of our booth the components of light, sound and touch were visceral aspects that intensified the atmosphere of chaos leading to order. Attraction, engagement and creativity played an important role in making this process work. I am very proud of our booth and ambition we all contributed to making it great.

One of my favorite booths would be the one named “WTF?” The slogan or phrase was very catchy and automatically made you think and wonder what the point of this was. This was very successful in engaging an audience.  The circus-like fun colored tent consisting of red and yellow inspired me to go and check out the experience. The “What the Fact” phrase made me laugh!

The Mood- Cubed Box Booth made me a bit confused and the process was infinite. It took a while. The visceral points should have been more clarified and exciting in my opinion. The brown box underneath the die was visible and lacked a certain sense of sophistication. The design wasn’t that good. I am 5’9 and trying to get underneath the box was a bit of a struggle. It did not make me feel as excited as I probably should have been.

Generally, The Activate! project was very amusing and I had a great time working with our class. I never did this type of project before and now must say that it was a totally great experience! 🙂 🙂

Activate! Latest Buzz on the Best & Worst. April 8, 2010

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Activate! was an exhausting – yet exhilarating experience. I had the opportunity to try out quite a number of projects done by other classes, and was excited over some more than others.

I was immediately attracted to “WTF” (What the Fact?). I would say this one would come close as the Best Overall project of the ones I took part in / observed (aside from ours of course – which ranks #1 in my books) – as I was instinctively intrigued. What the Fact? was the experience project setup directly next to ours, providing a great visceral reflection through the tent-like structure, with yellow and red stripes. Immediately I see two hosts, one standing on either side of the main entrance, motioning me to walk over and enter. They appear friendly, but limit the information they provide me with prior to entering. Not completely clear on what is expected to happen – as there is clearly something enclosed within the drapery, I grab a friend and enter inside. Before my eyes is this huge, glaring monstrous face gazing at me. I was instructed to push on a button. It made me feel nervous, tense, and was afraid the first time around entering that if I were to push the button, the huge face would do something crazy like have smoke coming out of its nostrils. In the end, it simply dispensed a little envelope (stamped with “WTF”) with a card inside – on it a random fact. I was completely relieved! For instance, would you have ever thought that…?


A rat can last longer without water than a camel.



A hungry wolf can eat 20 pounds of meat in a single meal, which is akin to a human eating one.

I believe it succeeded because of multiple elements – the project was interesting, random, completely in keeping with the title, and certainly made my heart pound. I entered, was engaged with the mechanics and visceral components, and exited to show my friends the random facts that I had obtained. Of course it may have ruined the anticipation for them, but I was caught up in the excitement. When reflecting on the project, I see that the title has a nice play on words – the “what the f” is usually associated with someone being surprised or shocked at hearing or seeing something. One would assume that this phrase would end with the f word, but the word “fact” fits in nicely here as that is what we were provided with. The surprise element remained intact.

I feel that more could have been done with “Moodcubed”. There were quite a number of visceral elements, as they firstly did a very nice job of advertising prior to (facebook event page), and had students from their class walk around between 12 – 3 pm with intriguing cubes on their heads, trying to pull us towards their event. This worked as I walked with someone in their class over to this, and saw a student standing on a box. She had a great personality and was shouting to get others to come over. I was slightly confused about what to do next. Someone else instructed me to roll a fairly large dice. I rolled it to reveal a specific colour, and was then motioned towards one of 3 boxes standing up that matched the colour I had rolled. It took me a couple of seconds to realize I had to go underneath the box. Part of the behavioural experience was to put on a pair of headphones while surrounded by darkness – and listen to the sounds of cars zooming past one another, linked with a small screen (attached as part of the structure) providing a video loop of cars continuously in motion on the streets. After approx. 15 seconds or so the video loop stopped – so I presumed to take off my headphones and leave.

I thought there would be another element. Something that would help me end this experience feeling satisfied / having taken something away – maybe an interpretation or an emotion. I was unsatisfied as I had hoped to get something interesting out of it – especially because this project had been built up so nicely. I didn’t feel a great level of excitement – as there should have been a strong engagement factor than just watching cars and listening to the sounds they make. I exited confused – trying to grasp onto something to take away from it. Maybe it all revolved around chance and how that links with information, but my mood didn’t quite change. Maybe if the experience were to involve what was under all 3 boxes / cubes, there would be something more intriguing or exciting to get out of the experience.

Sorry for a lengthy post – however wanted to express my thoughts in great detail. And wanted to finish with a thank you to everyone in our class as I believe our experience was one of the strongest – and thought everyone worked well together.

The Best and the Worst April 7, 2010

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The best overall project

The best activate project according to me is the one next to ours. Their tent is beautifully built with attractive colours which are yellow and orange. It definitely has a circus feeling that add to the visceral design of their project. The fact that their tent is completely covered up add suspense to their project which arise our curiosity. When I was lining up for to see what is in their tent, I ask to the host what do I need to do in there. She only said “you’ll find out”. There were two hosts standing at the door. When I entered the tent, there is a machine like object. There is a handle that says “push here”, so I knew right away what to do. The interesting part is that after I pushed it, a small envelop come out similar to the effect of money coming out of an ATM machine. I thought this is clever. It seems to be mechanical. However, I went to the back of there tent. There are actually two people loading the “machine” with the small envelops when they see people pushing the handle. It does effectively create a mechanical effect. However, there branding and marketing strategy are not that successful. During the day of the event, I did not see any of their advertisement. Also, they did not even put there logo or name around their tent. Only the small envelop says WTF, which I did not really know what it actually means. By the way, on the small envelop, there is a card stating some kind of fact. On the behavioural level, there machine does function very well. The statement on the card might mean something but does not efficiently send the right message. One thing is interesting though. The day after the event, I saw their poster on the wall of the Annex building. It is small but very well designed. I found out that their name is WTF What The Facts. Even though I have seen this after the event, it does help me remember their project and find out their brand name as I was wondering what WTF means for their project.

The worst overall project

The worst activate project, acording to me, is the Design Against Art one. In contrast to the overall best one, they have quite a good branding and marketing strategy. They have many different posters.  But I think they have too many posters so that it does not look unified. Also, they make a lot of noise….even though it’s intended but it kinds of bother other group. By the end, their group members are all over the place. I did not have a clear idea of what they are doing. The most important thing is that I do not understand why they choose to protest against art. What’s wrong with art programs in our school? They did not explain concretely why we should protest against art. To make it better, I would state many reasons that support the point of the protestation. They probably should make a stronger statement by giving a more convencing and formal speech. They should reduce the number of their different poster and stick to maybe one or two designs. In addition, they should involve more the audience in their protest.

We had the best ACTIVATE…and I actually had fun. April 6, 2010

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1) Critically review the Best Overall and Worst Overall project from the whole ACTIVATE! event

The ones that I went to were fairly interesting given the budgets everyone had previously collected. Some were similar but executed differently. All projects that I tried did engage me in all three dimensions but some dimensions were weighted more heavy than others.

The balloon popping one engaged me in a viceral sense because it was so nice to look at with all the colours and the flower pots and it helped that it was pretty much the most unique in the pay that it was set up. But when it came to the other two dimensions it was lacking. Like it didnt give me all that to take away from and behaviourally all I got to do was pop a balloon and read the message in it. And some messages were pretty random and not insightful or philosophical. But thats ok. I did like the light nature of their activate. And I think they were the only booth that had music playing for the other students that I could dance to.

The fact machine one I didnt really understand. It was sort of a bigger version of a fortune cookie. I didn’t get why it gave us random facts and why it was in a circus tent. Their circus tent was really well constructed though I must say. But the whole idea fell a bit flat because I didnt know what I was supposed to make of their random facts. I actually wanted to know if they really did their research with these facts because some of them came off as correlations and we know that correlation doesnt mean its fact.

The protest that was going on trying to get people to sign the petition to get rid of the arts program at OCAD and merge it with design was funny. It did engage in a visceral (The signs) behavioural (the actual protest and wearing of pins they were passing around) and reflective way (made you think what would happen if they did merge it and if art is really necessary?) Even though if the work that was involved probably wasn’t very much and simplistic it did manage to touch on all three dimensions.

Those are just a few that stuck in my mind that were worth mentioning. There wasn’t a glaring booth that was weak in my opinion. I think some were more exciting than others. Some, you could tell, were less planned than others. And some were just there to have fun and I think thats ok. I actually had alot more fun than I anticipated. It was a nice break from my busy schedule and to socialize with friends. I ALSO had fun rebuilding the structure too. Was stressful to try and get it done in time but I had fun redoing it with Jacob and everyones help. I also had fun setting up the structure and all that stuff too. I it made me sort of think about minoring in ED. The only thing was people that knew me came up to me periodically shocked that I could work with a hammer and drill…lol yeah whatever what like its hard? All I had to say to that was “I’m full of surprises” lol.

Inside the doghouse… March 4, 2010

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– To create a prototype of an interactive art  piece that creates a reflective ad visceral response.

– By looking at our past we educate and remind people to treat other as we would like to be treated and to end discriminatory  actions and comments.

– Deals with the saying ’treating people like dogs’


A doghouse construction that seems to be occupied by a family dog. On the inside images of slavery and historical moments when humans were treated horribly.

User scenario

The user will walk up to the object and see a typical doghouse that someone would have for their family dog. The doghouse will entice people to think of what the objects meaning is in its context (a classroom or gallery). The user will inspect the doghouse and find that there is an interior element. these images will create a response that may evoke various different emotions such as sadness, anger, embarrassment, etc. After processing the images and the context in which they are in, the user comes to a conclusion about the experience. The end result is highly dependant on the user as a person and experiences they have had. The preferred conclusion is that the user thinks about the past and how people were treated like dogs and sometimes still are today. The user will walk away with new ways of looking at our past and life today.

Suddenly, everything clicks. And swipes. And scrolls. January 21, 2010

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It is very bizarre that even in today’s society, with all the technological discoveries and advances, product designs are still not satisfying. They either look good and function poorly; or they are very efficient but look terribly ugly. For example, a few years ago, LG Mobile came up with the famous LG Chocolate. It was pretty. It was cute. So I bought it purely because of its appearance. Guess what. It didn’t even last one year. It was a screen issue, which was not even included in the warranty. As far as I know, two friends’ cell phone died as well……(same brand…). So, here it is, when you buy a cell phone, try not to buy an LG, even though they probably have the cuttest design among all the mobile phone brand (especially their new Chocolates, Ice Creams, and Lollipops<–these are cell phones). Don’t let them fool you with their angelic faces…..They are evils.

HOWEVER, There’s hope

Apple is one of the few companies that develops products according to the visceral, behavioral, and reflective levels of design.

A few months ago, Apple launched their newly designed wireless Mouse–>Magic Mouse

This new product is indeed very good looking, no one can argue the contrary. The top is translucent andis smoothly forming a streamline. Beyond the mere appearance, the product functions as a multi-touch mouse.  There is no button on the body. All movements work with the touch ‘screen’. Here comes a new mouse design that no one has ever thought about.  It is simple to understand and easy to use. I addition, the product is one of a kind among the wide range of wireless mouse. The brand popularity and the service that Apple offers to the customers also respond to the reflective level of the design.

Magic Mouse

magic mouse 2

Here’s the website:

Magic Mouse

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