An Introduction: K8 MacLean

Hey guys, my names Kaitlin MacLean, but since there are so many Kaitlins in the word, I go by Kait and since everyone spells my name wrong anyway, I spell it however I like (most often either Keight or K8).

I’m in my first year of illustration here at OCADU, straight out of high school in Kingston, Ontario. I say Kingston, but really I’m from a small little hick town north-east of Kingston, complete with moonshine, fiddle music and drunk toothless guys with guns. I’m very glad to be living in Toronto and really don’t miss the hillbillies.

I think a lot about my future, and though I’ve always known what I wanted to do post-secondary, I’ve never fully figured it out past there. I love the fashion industry and would love to work as a fashion illustrator, but I’d really be happy just working as an illustrator in any way shape or form. I am sure, however, that I’d love to travel the world. My goal within the next ten years is to explore Europe.

Now here, I’m not going to lie. I’m okay with technology, but I’m no mastermind. I miss Windows XP, and have a strong hate on for Apple. The thing I dislike most about computers is that I like them, but they seems to hate me. That said, I can generally get myself out of a good jam on a computer (unless its a Mac, then I’m more likely to just glare at it in confusion). As an artist, I rely on computers a fair bit as I jump back and forth from traditional to digital media a lot ( mostly photoshop, though I have some knowlege of Painter and Illustrator) and make a lot of connections (artsy and otherwise) online.

I’m really looking forward to what this class has in store, and wouldn’t mind getting my hands dirty with some time based media thanks to a new found love of film.

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  1.   Ainura Nifdalieva Says:

    Hi K8, here is my e-mail, send the photoshop file when you have a chance, or send me your e-mail so I can send it to you :

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