Introduction: Josef Scholbeck

Full Name- Josef Thomas Scholbeck VI

Preffered Name- Josef

Discipline- Industrial Design

Future- My main ambition after finishing university is to go into carpentry and someday take over running of the family lumber yard in Germany. The business has been in the family since its founding in 1840 and I would be the sixth Josef Scholbeck to run it. Ten years from now, I probably see myself living in Germany again, building and designing new finished wood products for the company as well as handling some administrative duties.

Technology- I prefer to do design work by hand so I’m not really up to speed on technology. I’m good with Microsoft Word,  Powerpoint and Paint and I am acquainted with older versions of AutoCad. Anything beyond that, like Photoshop or Illustrator, I have absolutely no knowledge of, but I am willing to learn them if I have to.

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