Introduction: Laura Herrera-Cisneros


Hi, I’m Laura Herrera-Cisneros. I am currently taking Industrial Design

  • It is hard for me to see myself so far in the future, so here goes it goes (if everything goes according to ‘plan’) I see myself living in Sweden, or Mexico and I want to design for the disabled, but I am also interested in toys. I would like to also do illustration because I hope to get at least a little better at drawing in 10 years from now. But really I just want to design for the disabled. I think making lives easier and helping people will be fulfilling.
  • I’m terrible with technology. I can hardly operate my macbook. I have no idea of any technicalities, which is probably not a good thing since I am getting into something very technological in a sense. But I guess I’ll have to learn. Obviously as most people my age; I know how to use the internet, word, powerpoint and other simple programs like those.

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