Tanya Ilina

Hey guys!

My name is Tatiana Ilina, but I usually go by Tanya. I’m ED student.

In 10 years from now I definitely want be an architect, researching and working on the projects that will make the Earth a better place to live (and not only for human beings). I’m fascinated by the biomimicry field of studies and I’d like to go deeper into the knowledge of the biological systems, models and processes and apply this knowledge to my work. After 10 years I hope I’ll have something to say to the new generation of people and knowledge to share with them; and at this point teaching at least one course would be a great opportunity to share my knowledge and keeping in touch with new generations.

Regarding my relationships with technology… I’m pretty enthusiastic about all new technologies although I can handle them on the level of interaction model and absolutely have no clue what’s inside my system unit or how my camera actually works. So far I was working with images mostly. Among software I’m comfortable with Adobe Photoshop + Bridge (quite a handy addition); I’ve been using them for several years so here I’m on the solid ground. I have basic understanding of Illustrator (absolutely love pen tool and vector graphics); can handle DSLR camera and software  like MS Office. I have never dealt with videos though; so I’m quite happy that will need to make some during this course…

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  1.   Ainura Nifdalieva Says:

    You’re interested in “biomimicry” ? Ok, I’ve learned smth new about you 🙂

  2.   Tatiana Ilina Says:

    “Ogres are like onions….”
    (came to my mind as I saw your comment)

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