Ainura Nifdalieva – Project two

6 rough sketches

3 toy concepts


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5 Responses to “Ainura Nifdalieva – Project two”

  1.   Anna Golinski Says:

    I find the octopus with magnetic legs really interesting, but I also like the idea of the 3D tetris. I think the concept of taking a virtual puzzle and recreating it in a tactile form is great. Maybe you could apply a magnetic elements into the tetris game as a method of keeping the blocks in place?

  2.   Deborah Treneva Says:

    I think the 3D tetris is an original idea. If you can actually pull off the pieces fitting together well I think it would be fun to play and fiddle around with. It kind of reminds me of lego but with a different objective to the game,

  3.   Eman Faiz Says:

    I agree. The 3D tetris would be a fun two player game. It could be like tetris for kids or something. I think making it a game and getting someone to have to fit a specific piece somewhere with the rest would make it more different than lego.

  4.   Laura Nohemi Herrera Cisneros Says:

    Magnetic Octopus seems like a good idea to hang stuff on. I know that I often have no space to hang like things that I have to remember, or messages or something. Maybe you can also add little magnets to the octopus so that people can hang in papers?

  5.   Danijel Losic Says:

    As everyone else who commented seems to think, the 3D tetris looks like a great concept.

    If this was taken further it might have great possibilities as a two player game. It would be easier to visualize the overall idea of it were in colour.

    I think that if you made a blocker area in which the block fit, it would be more complicated and fun.

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