This is my rough logo. Sorry about the quality..Our group decided to go with the colours that well represent OCAD, which are turquoise and orange.

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  1.   Tatiana Ilina Says:

    will we use all of them or we need to choose? (nice touch with the “O” btw) and I really like top left and right bottom designs: the layout is good and both fonts Futura and Myriad Pro work well. (the size of the font however better in the top left I think, but they are both great) And I assume that we are using all three colors, right?

  2.   Danijel Losic Says:

    Yes. Main colours are the red, turquoise, black, and white.
    Silver/grey may be used but it was not yet discussed in detail with the group.

  3.   Dayna Bronwyn Griffiths Says:

    i agree with tanya. i like the top left one since it seems little less cramped than the bottom right. i also like the filled in ‘O.’

  4.   jjackson Says:

    Jina, great use of the blog to get feedback!

  5.   Anna Golinski Says:

    really good job with these designs! i agree with tatiana, but especially like the futura. the filled in “o” was also very clever

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