[ April 2nd ]

Details as-of-yet:

Transport the cameras to the park.
– pick the cameras up from the classroom in garbage bags
– transport by car, if anyone has a car available
– otherwise, transport by streetcar
Set up 3 stations for distributing/collecting the cameras.
– spread evenly through the park
– use picnic tables

Meet in the centre of the park.

Manage the stations.
– a few people will manage each station
– others will wander around helping those who are having difficulties with the cameras
– everyone will wear a distinct colour (or a button/badge) so as to be easily recognized as part of the Pinhole Camera Club

AROUND 3:00 (once all the cameras have been used) :
Transport the cameras back to OCAD.
– transport by car, if available
– otherwise, transport by streetcar
Develop photos.
– cut the cameras open, and develop the photographic paper inside

2 Responses to “[ April 2nd ]”

  1.   Anna Golinski Says:

    Dayna, who exactly is bringing the cameras to the park? should it be me, you, and reid?
    also, what exactly will we be wearing to make ourselves distinct ?

  2.   Dayna Bronwyn Griffiths Says:

    maybe let’s see how many bags are filled, to see how many people would be needed to transport the cameras. It might also be good for some people to go to the park ahead of time to scope out picnic tables, so the cameras can go straight to the tables, instead of lugging them around.
    I think the graphics team were working on that (either specific colours or buttons I think)

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