Ex. 9

(uploading pics when space is available)

She would slip into her best dress tonight. She would do her hair into the soft curls that the bar tender loved; maybe he liked her?

Unsure as to which shoes to wear…thick heels or stilettos, which would make her legs look better? She realized a crutial thing.

She sprung from the ground ; the shoes she was holding flew over her shoulders.

Opened the drawer.   Shuffled… fake eyelashes, eyeshadow(of every possible colour) bronzer, strawberry lipgloss, blush, mascara.

where is it? where the hell is it?


I can’t go out like this, she though. So she grabbed the closest shoes she could find. Running shoes.

She ran as fast as she; the people in there knew her already. She would spend hours gazing and trying on every new line of make-up that came in.

A coverstick… “come on hurry up!!! five people ahead of me? this is crazy!”


Oh, and mints. What if the bartender wants to come close tonight?”

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