Final Proposal: Catch Me If You Can!

Igyeong (Jane) Kim

Are you bored and sick of these typical days at work or home? Want to have some fun, pulling pranks on people ? You are looking at the right stuff then. This self touch-sensored-toy will make it happen. Just place this toy any where you wish; the best place would be where your target would notice this toy at one sight. Your target will try to pick it up after noticing this on the floor. When this toy detects something approaching within 10cm of its boundaries, it will move away from its subject. Of course, you would have to turn the switch ON from the seperate controller given with this toy. After some failures of trying to pick up the hat, the targeted subject will realize that this is a prank toy. You can turn it OFF from the controller when you wish to pick it up. This toy will make your day fun to get through without stress.

After user testings, the users responded with very positive feed backs. They had fun pulling pranks on people. The idea of the classic black hat has been said to be too dark to notice, so in the final design, a bright purple with yellow outlined hat replaced the original idea. This resulted in more targets responding in shorter period of time. They noticed it on the floor better and the color purple seemed like a more interesting subject  to pick up.

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